LA Times disputes “Ten Facts About Illegal Immigration”

Matt Welch Swati Pandey has done some great follow up work on the earlier mentioned “facts about illegal immigrants”, and points out that five of the ten “facts” attributed to the Los Angeles Times can not be sourced back to the paper.

Additionally, even the statistics that were cited in the paper were either inaccurately repeated or taken out of context.

The key “fact” that raised bells is the one that claimed that 95% of outstanding warrants are for illegal immigrants. Welch Pandey responds:

An outstanding warrant is quite a different beast than a regular warrant, so this “fact” left out the key word. We did some more checking on the outstanding warrants point itself. (The Manhattan Institute’s Heather ) MacDonald stated this in a 2004 City Journal article, and in testimony before the House of Representatives in spring 2005, noting that this came to 1,200-1,500 warrants. One LAPD officer cited the same factoid in the National Review earlier this year, saying that it’s specific to “the first half of 2004”. But Jane Robison, press secretary for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, told us that the D.A. does not keep track of this number; a representative with Detective Headquarters said the same.

Welch Pandey did his homework, so I encourage you to read the rest here.

The larger problem is the anti-Hispanic/Latino agenda of the people wanting to believe some of these figures; while being anti-illegal alien does not equate being a racist, pursuading people to believe that 95% of murders in Los Angeles are committed by Mexicans and others south of the border is nothing short of hate mongering.

(after I posted, Matt Welch, who directed me to this info, pointed out that it was indeed Swati Pandey, not Matt, who was responsible for the above info…)

7 thoughts on “LA Times disputes “Ten Facts About Illegal Immigration””

  1. Before the hate mongers start commenting, I’d like to say good job on pointing this out. Keep up the good work! :D

  2. I hate how all Latinos or people with Spanish surnames are seen as immigrants. For instance, there’s the erroneous belief that all the people who participated in May 1st actions were undocumented immigrants (I really hate the term illegal alien though I know it is used in law, but I also see it as dehumanizing people).

  3. Mainstream media companies tend to bend the truth and attempt to sway the public to think in certain directions.

    But blogs as yours, get the truth out.

    Two years ago the Los Angeles Times ran a headline “Spammer jailed” but the truth was, he was jailed for using credit cards that weren’t his. But what message did the reader gain by the headline.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone,

  4. Oddly enough, my own personal stats do show that 40% of my friends do work for cash without paying taxes. The do ebay. Does that count?

  5. Appreciate the linkage & kind words very much, but they should be directed not to me, but to Swati Pandey, who did all the work.

  6. Nathan,
    Thanks for the link and the correction. The only reason I thought that was the dominant term in law/policy was because of the DREAM Act in which the A stands for Alien.

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