Joe Escalante to be new morning show host on Indie 103.1 FM

200px-Joeescalante.jpgDear Indie 103.1,
Here’s a little tip for you. If you are going to mention in an e-mail that Joe Escalante is going to be the new morning show host and you want it to stay a secret, you might want to do two things. One, BCC the mailing list and Two, not send it to people who are going to forward it to us with a note saying:

“Hey – Got this today in my work email… I’m still not putting Indie 103.1 back on my radio dial.. Michael Steele can go suck a big fat corporate d**k. Let the world know!! p.s. Note the anti-choice thing at the end of the wikipedia profile.”

This is especially true if the list of people you are CCing is chock full of,,, and about a hundred other media entities e-mail addresses. And even more so when the e-mail itself has cell phone numbers and studios and hot lines.

Anyway, all that aside, obviously we were just forwarded an e-mail referencing a phone interview with Melora Hardin that will probably be happening next Thursday, May 11th. Personal and Work e-mail addresess and phone numbers removed, here’s the meat of it:

From: gwen727
To: so many e-mails I don’t even know what to do about it.
Subject: Re: Melora Hardin-“The Office” Marsha
…please put Indie 1031.1-L.A. on the phone schedule for Melora Hardin…here’s the info….fyi….this is a new morning show host and they aren’t making the announcement ’til Fri. so mum’s the word…thanks. Gwen
Station: KDLD/KDLE Indie 103.1 Los Angeles
Host: Joe Escalante Show
Times: 6a-10a
Hot Line: 323 xxx-xxxx
back-up # 323 xxx-xxxx
Either Joe or his producer Mike will answer the phone Interview will run live or within 30 minutes of taping Joe’s asst. is Stacey…cell # 323 xxx-xxxx”

For what it’s worth Joe’s legal advice show as actually pretty entertaining (however the standard “oh I totally have the answer to your question, what you are going to do is go to my website and check out…” answer is getting a touch old), but Indie spending how many weeks now before moving one of their current DJs into the morning slot doesn’t lend a whole lot of credibility to the “Dicky was fired because of ratings” story, and makes the Dicky’s “they got pissed and fired me” version seem a lot more believable.

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  1. Hmmmm…I was going to claim this but I misread it and thought they were scheduling it for his existing Friday show (which wouldn’t be a huge revelation). I wonder if he’s going to quit doing the legal advice show?

  2. i listened to Joe’s first show today and i have three words to say: bring back Dicky.

  3. LOL @ TC

    Indie sucks and Joe Escalante is a weasel….

    Bring back Dicky indeed!!!!!!!!!

  4. The truth about Joe Escalante, as told to me by a friend…………

    Steve-O Jensen was the original singer of The Vandals…..Joe wasn’t even an original member…My friend, Richard Katchedorian (RIP) was the original drummer and he went on to play the drums for Shattered Faith, who Dicky played regularly.

    Anyway, when Joe came along, he kicked Steve-O out of the band and took creative control of the entire Vandals music catalog. He went so far as to credit himself as the writer of the songs that Steve-O and Human wrote, thereby cutting them out of the royalty pie. He then sold the catalog, or pieces thereof and refused to share that as well.

    Human and Steve-O started up an alternative Vandals band and Joe slapped them with an injuction about 5 minutes before they took the stage at either Dancing Waters or Florentine Gardens.

    Steve-O passed away last year, broke and dispondent over this situation and Joe basically acted like an ass saying that Steve-O was a drug adict junkie.

    I also knew Steve-O pretty well from the Wannabe Manor days (early 80’s). This was an apartment complex located near 1st and PCH in Huntington Beach. He was a great guy with a wonderful sense of humor. A real Puck like guy. Funny and sweet and kind. In later years he became a practicing Buddhist and moved to Hawaii.

  5. My letter to Steele:

    Well…the nail has officially been hammered in MY proverbial Indie coffin. Giving the morning show to Joe Escalante? What in God’s own heaven were/are you thinking? He is awful on Barely Legal and just as bad hosting the morning show. I tried to listen for about five minutes and my ears started gushing blood.

    I figured that I would allow myself some time to be pissed off and eventually I would start listening again, slowly. No chance of that now, pal. What a horrible decision. You have officially and permanently lost a listener. My 17 year old doesn’t listen anymore because, as he says, “If I wanted crappy music, I’d still be listening to KROQ. At least their morning show is FUNNY”.

    I know that it doesn’t matter to you or the station that one or two listeners have left. But what you might want to consider is that I promise you that I have and will continue to slam your poor musical/host choices until either I die or your station goes off the air. To replace Dicky with Joe Escalante is like pissing into the open grave that was The Mighty Morning Show. You could have at least gone “outside” the station to find another host and give the appearance of trying to better that time slot. Instead, you are placing another non-professional, with a VERY similar background, into the slot. Even that Alex dude that Miche was raving on and on about would have been a better choice simply because it would have been a clean slate. But no, you are all CLASS and chose from in-house. Way to go!

  6. I and many of my friends listened to NPR – Mornings Become Eclectic, the Mighty Mighty Morning Show, and occasionally KROQ when Ralph was being amusing. He had conversations with authors and musicians that were fairly in depth and fascinating. These were people he had a genuine appreciation for and it showed. Now you are left with absolute drek. As the meandering Jonsey demonstrates, going off course and not being micro managed can still be a refreshing change from the mainsteam bullcrap KROQ plays on an endless loop. At least you still have Headtrip, Henry R. and Passport approved but you killed you morning show.

    The people that fired him didn’t do so in the best interest of their company or the listeners, they did so because of a personality conflict or political reasons. They needed to feel relevant, as more than just useless administrators, hindering actual employees at work, but actually impacting content and messing with the show. Sorry Dicky didn’t feel the need to make changes, you got rid of him, hope your ego’s are well served and this keeps you warm as your ratings go down.
    Disappointed to hear your station is just another piece of bland, sanitized, mainstream Republician media like FOX news afraid that expression of a point of view can hurt you. Sadly your did key enough on my demographic to actually play great music…sigh, oh well back to other stations for me.

    Good Luck Dicky, loved the show, hope it resurfaces somewhere else eventually !

  7. I am a inside job. I hope you will buy my staged comments. Joe E sucks, Indie sucks.

  8. Just to pipe in… I finally had a listen to Joe’s morning show… tried to be objective… but, really, it sucked. I mean as in vacuous sucking. Joe sounds like a nice guy, but no talk show material, let alone MORNING talk show material. Dull, dull, dull. No interest in listening again.

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