Get your crime fix with L.A. Noir…

Stephen Blackmoore’s L.A. Noir has been posting regularly about the current Los Angeles crime scene since last November. Think of it as a virtual highlight reel from the local police blotter… with some dark humoured commentary, or a modern day version of the 1947 Project.

In the last few days, Blackmoore has posted about a local “bring your weapon to school day” promoted via MySpace, a father and son both getting shot in Long Beach, coverage of mystery writers at the LA Times Festival of Books, and the mugshot for a wanted rape suspect (pictured) he accurately describes as being “butt ugly”.

The blog updates pretty much daily, so a worthy addition to any L.A. blog roll.

2 thoughts on “Get your crime fix with L.A. Noir…”

  1. Oh, how fascinating! I had at onoe time last year begun (or planned to begin) a blog also called LA Noir, but with a more fictional focus. This one looks like a good read, thanks for the tip.

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