The Great American Boycott March

I just got back to my loft from the immigration rights march in Downtown LA. Despite many groups asking people not to participate, there seemed to have been more protesters than even the first march. I am guessing that somewhere between 500,000 and a million people were marching in solidarity from Olympic and Broadway to City Hall. When I reached city hall, all the streets surrounding it were packed with people waving american flags. The flags flying were almost exclusively red, white and blue, with only a small handful of other flags this time. On my way back to the loft at around 1:30pm, Broadway was still packed all the way back to Olympic. I am sorting through the 688 photos I shot of the march and will be uploading them shortly.

3 thoughts on “The Great American Boycott March”

  1. I think your estimate is quite a bit too high. LAPD is saying 300,000, and just from my vantage point at 7th & Flower I tend to buy that. The pedestrian traffic on 7th was never what it was for the first march.

  2. yeah 300,000 sounds about right… i never did make it all the way to city hall for the first march, so that is probably what threw me off.

  3. Many were driving up and down Alameda and Olympic today waving(marjority)the American Flag.

    My drive home at 6:15pm was smooth, only took thirty-two minutes to reach San Dimas from 8th Street and Alameda.

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