Yet another reason Coachella blows goats


This one from Justin who says: “Let’s have an outdoor concert in the desert and restrict people from bringing in water bottles!” This photo is of Merci and piles of discarded water bottles at the entrance to Coachella.

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  1. Thats just shoddy event planning. If you’re going to restrict access to outside food or anything else disposable, its common sense to have a ton of garbage cans around the entrances. Seeing as this isn’t the first Coachella, this is a damn shame, especially since some poor event staffer is going to be left to clean this up anyway.

  2. But if you let in the water bottles, how would the nice folks at Crystal Geyser and Dasani feed their children?

  3. we went to coachella 2 years in a row. year 1, on saturday, we stood in line in 100 deg. with tickets for 90 minutes. people were passing out and no one from the event staff had water. oh, you could buy it, but none for emergencies.

    2nd year, day one was more organized at the entrance and they weren’t checking bags, so we got in a bottle or 2. once in, i think we spend $30 on 15 bottles of water – maybe more at $2 a piece.
    on day 2, we thought we would bring water and that was the day they took it away at the entrance.

    yeh, eventhough it is a great day of music, the water situation is criminal.

  4. I was there 2 years ago and I’ll never go back… I waited in line the first day for over an hour and a half, the longest line I’ve ever seen or been in. People on atvs would come by every once and awhile trying to capitalize on the water situation, selling it for a relatively cheap $2 to people in line… lots of people I saw stock up on water in line, only to be told they couldn’t bring it in. It’s these kind of situations that lead to you know, woodstock 98 type riots.

  5. Last year they were letting in bottles of water, as long as they were new and sealed. Clearly they took a hit in the water sales so much that they felt the need to ditch that policy.

  6. I’ve gone to coachella three times, and yes, the lines were long to get in and water was expensive, but the music was more than worth it.

  7. there are actually garbage cans all over the place and and recycling bins to boot… i think the problem is that people would rather drop their trash than look for a trash can. also this year the lines for food and drink were much much shorter than they have been in the past, but that does suck that you can’t bring in sealed water.

  8. Wait a minute – are you telling me that this Freelovin’ Dirty Desert Hippiefest is actually run by (gasp) filthy capitalists who would rather see attendees die of thirst than lose two bucks a head in water sales?

    Criminny Crap, one bottle of water wouldn’t last long out there anyway; people are bound to buy several more. But it sure makes a lovely pile of garbage, which is SOOOO what we’re all about.

  9. OK… That was the past years… and this is 2006. Coachella was fantastic!!! I went the last two years and there were lines…BUT NOT THIS YEAR! NO LINE TO GET IN!!! But yet the bottles are on the ground. Big deal. Believe me they get picked up and recycled!! And that’s good for the earth! My advice, stop being a hater because you missed out on a good time in the Oasis tent!!

  10. AHHH…To add some more compelling facts…THERE ARE FREE WATER FOUNTAINS AT COACHELLA, YOU’RE NOT OBLIGATED TO BUY WATER..It’s just more convenient! :)

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