MTA bus tries to kill blogger

This is the complaint I just sent to the MTA via this form on their site:

This morning at about 11:50 I exited the 101 freeway (west/north-bound) at Lankershim behind MTA bus #9970. The driver pulled into the righthand right-turn lane and I into the left-hand right-turn lane. When the light turned green I followed the markings on the street to turn right into the center traffic lane. The bus driver began the turn into the appropriate lane (one over to my right) but then without warning cut across my lane and the lane to my left and got into the left turn lane. Had I not been able to stop immediately, my car would have been crushed.

Other than following up by telephone (if I do not hear from them first, as the site promises I will), does anyone have any ideas how I can go about getting this assinine driver in trouble? We really could have been killed.

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  1. I’ve been having a real problem with MTA drivers lately. This hasn’t always been the case, but over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed *lots* of dangerous driving by some bus drivers. Tailgating, changing lanes without signaling, and speeding seem to be all too common. I hope it doesn’t take a tragedy to get something done.

  2. Jumping on the MTA hateration bandwagon. My friend and I were waiting at the Wilshire/Westwood stop for the Rapid buses. One of the buses arrive but we couldn’t board because he said he was out-of-service. So he kicked out all its passengers. Thankfully, there was another Rapid bus just a couple of cars behind him that will pick us up…right? Nope, the second bus just drove away.

    Who was one of the people on the bus that suddenly went out-of-service? A woman in a wheelchair. And no, she didn’t board the second bus.

  3. I *so* wish this was a new problem. I lost count how many times I’ve almost been hit by Buses plowing into my lane without any kind of warning or caution.

  4. Nearly creamed by a bus plowing through a red light I also filled out the online form, and followed up with a call, and never received a response. If I were a pedestrain stepping off that curb there is no way that bus would have been able to stop.

  5. Previous online complaints that I’ve filed with the MTA over driver asshatification have been hit or miss in terms of a response. Maybe they’ve gotten better, but I would recommend if you don’t hear back (or worse, hear back with some sort of lame “thanks for contacting the MTA with your comments”), don’t even bother with a phone call. I’d send hard copies of your complaint to the mayor, the MTA chairman and board members, your state assemblyperson, and congressperson. Eventually someone’ll crack the whip on ’em.

    Or if you really want to get them clearing their throats and shuffling their papers, show up to a MTA board meeting and fill out a speaker card and then take your allotted three minutes letting them all know how much fun your experience with bus #9970 was as well as your travails in attempting to get the MTA to get off its ass and act like a public service agency.

  6. I’ve had a crapload of almost “squashed like a bug” by the LA Buses. I used to drive a Honda Del Sol (small 2 seater) and more recently a Mini Cooper, which I just got rid of. I ALWAYS had one finger on the horn everytime I got near a city bus. Even if I didn’t think he would ever, in his right mind, turn into me.

    Sadly, I think the only recourse you have is if they actually hit your car. Unfortunately, you could pretty easily die, or worse steer a wheelchair with your mouth for the rest of your life.

  7. I tend to find the councilman’s office very helpful for these types of issues. Especially if you get no response to the online form.

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