Edendale Library Benefit

When I took a tour of Historic Echo Park last summer, as part of my visit to the Lotus Festival, I learned of a place called Edendale. According to Wikipedia, Edendale is now Echo Park, but I seem to recall the guide from the Echo Park Historical Society saying that the two places do not quite overlap (anyone know for sure?). Irregardless, Edendale only remains in a few places now, on the post office and library signs, and in writings and histories of the early film industry in L.A.

And that’s what there will be focus on at the Edendale Library Fundraiser the weekend after next. This looks like a really fun and interesting event, and includes an “Irregular Wine Tasting” as well as films of L.A.’s early movie days. Very different from what I think of as library fundraisers, which usually includes quilt raffles and bake sales. I’d definitely be there – except I’m going to be coming home from Paris that day (yes, the one in France, not the one in Texas). Hopefully, someone will go and tell me if there were any clips of Keystone Kops kars rounding the korners of Edendale.

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