Adios Los Angeles

Adios Los Angeles

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barely got to know ya… after only 36 hrs, we’re back on the road home to Portland. a whirlwind trip at that. our second show of the Brian Jonestown Massacre at Little Radio was amazing. the band came onstage around 12:30am and played until 4. during the set they did take an interlude to restring a couple of guitars, but the whole time, the music played on. members of BRMC were in the house and there were many clamoring for a cameo which never came to pass. an amazing show.

on our way down, I know I drove fast, but not fast enough to elude the rain. sorry, it follows us Portlanders.

thanks again for the great memories, both good (the Getty, Musso and Franks, Cheebo, Little Radio) and bad (car got keyed and hotel shower didn’t have hot water.) we’ll definately be back in the near future.