The city wants this place to be a Starbucks…

I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that the real reason Crazy Girls is closed has more to do with the lapdance ban than it does “renovations” (like the sign on their door claims). Yep, the city said they couldn’t show titty anymore and ever since it’s been hard times for “Gino and his angels” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out their ad in the LA Weekly). Which is pretty retarded if you ask me…. I mean, come the fuck on… we’re talkin’ about SUNSET AND FUCKING LA BREA IN HOLLYWOOD, better known as the crossroads of insanity. It’s not exactly across the street from where June & Ward Clever live! The whole area is dirty, so what’s the prob with a little titty? It’ll be a bummer when another Starbucks pops up where my favorite carnival-ride looking Hollywood landmark is now. Where am I supposed to play pool if this place doesn’t open it’s doors? Speaking of… what’s up with the lack of pool tables in Hollywood bars? Is it because space is too valuable or is pool just not cool anymore?

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  1. “It’s not exactly across the street from where June & Ward Clever live!”

    Actually, it is across the street from Henson Studios, where a Kermit the Frog statue longingly watches the front door to Crazy Girls, along with the ladies who sneak out for the occasional smoke.

    But I live right up the street… you consider this part of town dirty? It ain’t glamorous, but far from a ghetto.

  2. Yeah I work on the Henson lot… and yes I consider that area dirty, yer one high as balls if you don’t. Ever been in or around that internet cafe? It reeks of crack…

  3. I’m just saying, it’s not like it’s fuckin’ disneyland… across the street you can find crack heads passed out in the bushes (even during the day) and score any kind of drug you want… what’s wrong with tits?

  4. Back when that internet cafe was a Boston Market, we used to love to sit in the window booth and watch the hooker parade on Sunset. It was like an HBO special. Damn that Hollywood renaissance.

  5. Indeed, I’m likely high as balls. I seriously only tend to walk down as far as the Starbucks or Quiznos, and its sketchy sometimes. Just not seriously dirty.
    I did see Rolf once smoking crack in the bushes just outside your gates.

  6. pool doesn’t make money, pool only brings a “dangerous element”

    Are certain words creeping into your conversation?
    Words like ‘swell?”
    And ‘so’s your old man?”
    Well, if so my friends,
    Ya got trouble,
    Right here in Hollywood!
    With a capital “T”
    And that rhymes with “P”
    And that stands for Pool.

  7. Word on the Internets is that the club was sold by Gino (the owner?). Dunno on who it was sold to and when the club will reopen, if at all.

  8. I think it’s great that they’re doing this. It’s an urban blight, if you ask me (but you didn’t).

  9. Wait, the only choices for LA are titties or Disney? I think there’s a way to keep LA “real” and close a nasty strip club.

  10. Yeah, L.A. one of the world’s biggest metropolis’ can’t show some tits. This town is fuckin’ pathetic. Two strip clubs that are topless aren’t “nasty” unless you are a damn boring prude. Urban blight. Yeah, something with some personality is blight. Go back to your internet cafe, drink coffee and shut the fuck up.

  11. Save your self the trouble, Seventh Veil was where my friends took me for my 18th birthday. OMG, i have never seen anything like this. There was a 3 month pregnant Armenian mother of four that didn’t belive in shaving (not even her Mustache.) This trip definitely ruined strip clubs for me forever.

  12. For what it’s worth, you hardly have to be a prude to think strip clubs are nasty.

    Tear the damn thing down and bring on the coffee. The Starbucks on Sunset and La Brea is far too small and the parking bites.

  13. For what it’s worth, you hardly have to be a prude to think strip clubs are nasty.

    FWIW, I totally disagree. Condemning an establishment that you’ve probably never been to and where the women aren’t even allowed to show nipples as a “nasty strip club” sounds pretty much like the definition of prude to me. At the very least, I’d call it uneducated and overly judgemental.

  14. Yeah you’re a total prude… Crazy Girls is hardly a strip club, on a Friday or Saturday there’s usually more females there than guys… and I’m not talking about females who work there…

    And if you think LA needs more Starbucks then you should probably check out this new hip recreation called “suicide”. you’ll dig it.

  15. :)

    Look, you are allowed to prefer strip clubs, and I am allowed to prefer coffee, and neither of those particularly makes either of us prude automatically.

    My first statement was in general, my second refers only to my personal preference for a Starbucks over a strip club, and I find the gender of the average patron entirely irrelevant.

  16. You’re right–having never set foot in Crazy Girls, I don’t know whether it’s nasty. And I have nothing against strip clubs in general, nor do I want to see another Starbucks. What I meant was I don’t think closing a strip club down automatically means LA loses its personality or becomes disney-fied. There are many other components that make a city “real” other than boobies on display.

  17. girls hang (hung) out at crazygirls too? is it really fun? when does it close up? i wanna-wanna go-go.

    they got those giant mugs of beer? shaaa…

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