Phonelines Jacked in Beachwood?

After hearing that some folks were having phone line issues over in Beachwood I contacted some friends who live there and got this story. No idea how many people are in the same boat, but it sucks none the less. Kathy writes:

Woke up Saturday morning and discovered the phone lines were dead. No dial tone. No nothin’. Assuming rain had knocked the line out, not the first time, I call up AT&T/SBC on my one-tiny-bar of connection cell phone to see what the ETA is on having our phone back. According to a pre-recorded message there was some damage on the line affecting eastern parts of Los Angeles. Crews were at the scene working on the damage and should have repairs compete by…. October 24th? Huh wah?

Okay, that sounded off but I figured they were working on it and… well you hope they’ll have it up before October. I resign myself to no phone or internet for a few hours. Maybe I’ll read or something.

Hours go by and I check with AT&T/SBC again. Precious World of Warcraft hours are just slipping away — something’s gotta give. Still nothing. Dead silence. I decide to call on my cell again and see if repairs might be done sometime today and not October.

This time I don’t get a recording I get the typical voice mail maze. I navigate it down to a live person eventually who tells me he is going to test the line for me. Gee thanks.

Surprise of all surprises it appears I am having a problem with my line. They’ll have to send someone out. How’s Thursday? Dude, it’s friggin’ Saturday — what is this communist Russia? Five days without phone and DSL service? You’re kidding right?

He’s not kidding. Thursday’s all they have. Feeling completely violated I say okay when what I really wanna do is scream and yell about communist Russia; the phone company’s impossible incompetence; the insane reality that a huge metropolitan city like Los Angeles would force its citizens to go 5 days without phone or internet service; that Chad’s business is run from the house on the internet and without his paycheck we won’t be able to buy food or sweaters for the dogs; that I can’t even get fucking Verizon to get a station near my house so I can even use my cell phone without going outside and walking down the street.

“Thursday’s fine, ” I say meekly.

So here we sit without communication with the outside world. Adding insult to injury DirecTV also died the night before The Sopranos and saw fit to schedule repair service three days down the road. Guess that beats five.

2 thoughts on “Phonelines Jacked in Beachwood?”

  1. I live up Beachwood, and the phones were/are fine.
    Was this just in the lower part, nearer Franklin?

  2. No, we’re up in the hills. I’m sure it was just some special torture devised for me special by SBC.

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