THE STRIP is back!


I confess to not having a lot of patience with sketch comedy; I spent too many years in the wacky-wig-and-glasses trenches, both onstage and watching my friends onstage, to get it up for sketch and improv anymore. But I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the sick and twisted, gonzo-creepy comedy stylings of THE STRIP, the late-night “live comic strip” that we produced at Evidence Room off and on for two years.

So I’m happy to report that after a (too-long) two-year hiatus, THE STRIP and all its filthy denizens–Hildy Hildy & Bob, Breezy, Your American Nympho–are back starting tomorrow night, Saturday the 8th.

Written by Justin “Pot Mom” Tanner, Patricia Scanlon & Hugh Palmer and prolific, dark-side-of-L.A. local playwright, Michael Sargent, THE STRIP is a serialized sketch show featuring three main storylines that progress (if you can call it that) from week to week. It’s raunchy, it’s funny, it’s frequently a train wreck…and that’s just the audience (ba dum bum!).

Full disclosure: yours truly will be reprising her role as Tanya in full cartoon-trash-hooker regalia. There will also be a host of amazing L.A. comic actors, including Chris Wells (whose much-lauded Olsen Terror runs tonight and tomorrow night in the 8pm mainstage slot) and the super-fabulous Mink Stole, with music by Paula Kelley and chanteuse Abby Travis.

THE STRIP: A Living Comic Book
written by Hugh Palmer, Michael Sargent, Patricia Scanlon and Justin Tanner
Saturdays at 11pm; $15; NO RESERVATIONS
info: (213) 381-7118
PLEASE NOTE: the usually plentiful parking on Beverly is no more, thanks to construction, but last I was at the theater, I saw a sign for cheap (maybe $3?) parking at a neighboring church lot. [UPDATE: That lot, alas, closes at midnight.] And parking on side streets can get tight, so maybe allow a little extra time.