I can’t watch anymore.

This sucks.

Bruins meeting their match in Indianapolis
3 Fla 59 8:23
2 UCLA 43 2nd

A misfiring UCLA squad is struggling to get back in the game vs. Florida at the national championship/


Final: Florida 73, UCLA 57

5 thoughts on “I can’t watch anymore.”

  1. I’m going to wear all black tomorrow to mourn the loss of our 12th national championship. :(

  2. In the meanwhile, I’ll be wearing my orange and blue proudly, celebrating our first championship! (Go Gators!)

  3. I for one am glad they lost. Take that smirk off all the people who jumped on the bandwagon, last minute.

    Also, they won’t get in the way of my daily going to school, with their celebration. Yay for no school spirit!

  4. They had a good year, none of the “experts”
    pick them to even get out of the second round.
    With some good recruiting and players returning,
    they’ll stay in the “elite” crowd for some years to come, so watch out, east coast!

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