MTA bus tries to kill blogger

This is the complaint I just sent to the MTA via this form on their site:

This morning at about 11:50 I exited the 101 freeway (west/north-bound) at Lankershim behind MTA bus #9970. The driver pulled into the righthand right-turn lane and I into the left-hand right-turn lane. When the light turned green I followed the markings on the street to turn right into the center traffic lane. The bus driver began the turn into the appropriate lane (one over to my right) but then without warning cut across my lane and the lane to my left and got into the left turn lane. Had I not been able to stop immediately, my car would have been crushed.

Other than following up by telephone (if I do not hear from them first, as the site promises I will), does anyone have any ideas how I can go about getting this assinine driver in trouble? We really could have been killed.

Theater Of The Absurd

tbr2.jpg If the idea of watching a fractured fable with music by Tom Waits and book by William S. Burroughs is your thing, you’re going to want to love the The Black Rider now playing through June 11 at the Ahmanson Theater. But after all’s said and sung, loving it might be easier said than done.

Without a doubt this is a marvelous and entirely unique theatrical experience and there are eye-popping things at work up there on the Ahmanson stage, most of it orchestrated to stunning visual effect by director Robert Wilson. And the performances are top-notch and full-tilt as well. But while the blend of Waits’ melodies and lyrics find an engaging match paired up with tripmaster extraordinaire Burroughs’ text, I couldn’t shake the sensation that I was watching some wicked blend of The Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Cabaret meets Beetlejuice — which sounds like it could and should be a blast, but this wasn’t… at least not an unqualified one.

In a nutshell, the tale ain’t anything fresh. You have a clerk (Matt McGrath) in love with the daughter (Mary Margaret O’hara) of a hunter (Dean Robinson) who refuses to let her marry him unless he can prove his marksmanship. Finding he can’t shoot for shit he sells his soul to the devil (Vance Avery) in exchange for some magic bullets, and his immediate prowess with a gun changes her father’s mind and the wedding’s on. But as the big day draws nigh, he’s been challenged to a shooting contest. To hedge his bets he hits the proverbial crossroads where he accepts from the devil one more magic bullet to ensure his success. But at the contest when the clerk takes aim and fires at the wooden target the bullet travels a devilishly different trajectory and kills his bride-to-be, driving him straightjacket mad into the looney bin.
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Coachealla Report : Day 1

Crowd for Kanye West

So it’s Day 2 of Coachella and as it is a bit after 12:00 noon the bands are starting to play again. I just woke up after a night of drinking, sorting through the thousand photos I shot yesterday and very slowly uploading the 19 I picked via my EVDO card. Having programmed the Coachella Scheduler gave me an added bonus of “Side Stage” wristbands which gave my fiance and I access to all areas except the main stage. I took some photos of a couple of the bands that I was interested in that weren’t on the main stage, Lady Sovereign and Lyrics Born as well as a bunch of random concertgoers and a few big acts on the main stage from far away. I always go to coachella with plans of seeing a crapload of acts, but I end up seeing about half of what I had planned. This year I ended up seeing Kanye West, Depeche Mode, Lyrics Born, Daft Punk and Lady Sovereign. I was planning on seeing Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Shy FX, Damian Marley and Common, but between the drinking, walking around, eating and frequent trips to the RV to download photos, I ended up missing those great acts.
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A day without a child of an immigrant

A few days ago, I still had not made a decision on whether I’d be staying home from work and school on Monday, May 1st. The decision didn’t come easily despite years of activism around immigrants’ rights and an academic interest in immigrant students.

I realized that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. My roommate, a teacher at a LAUSD high school hadn’t decided when we spoke about the topic on Thursday night. She was unsure about skipping out on the first day of classes when she returns for B track. I didn’t want to skip work after a short week at a new job. We also both knew that our jobs — positions that require advanced degrees — are not the types where most immigrants from Latin American are concentrated. It’s easy to go a day without spending, but not teaching or working with students didn’t come easy. I’ve read other Latina/o bloggers who are also conflicted. They are all educators and feel that the education of their students will also contribute to the boycott and overall goal of empowering Latinas/os.

Although I respect decisions to go to work, I know that I had to change my mind. I thought of my grandparents who came here with several children in hopes of a better life. Although my parents and their families did not come as undocumented immigrants, I know well that I have a number of extended family members and good friends who do not have that privilege. I considered the day I walked through UCLA’s main thoroughfare, Bruin Walk, observing a D√≠a de los Muertos display of crosses set up in remembrance of men and women how had died crossing the US-Mexico border. It all seemed rather abstract considering most of the people close to me are not immigrants and have not had to sneak across the border. Well, it was abstract until I read a cross with “____ Mosqueda, Guanajuato, Mexico.” I can’t remember the first name. I know it was a common name, probably Jos√©, Jes√∫s or Juan. But the last name and state of origin struck me. This man (or boy?) who shared my name and home state in Mexico had died in the harsh territory separating the country my family came from and the country in which I live.

My privilege as the daughter of immigrants, college student, and US citizen became incredibly clear that afternoon. It’s something I know other young Chicanas/os and Latinas/os also identify with, including C√©sar Cuauht√©moc Garc√≠a Hern√°ndez who wrote about why he would skip classes at Alternet

I will join the boycott because my privilege demands it. I am a citizen of this country, a well-educated man with a love of justice. I must speak now because the people who clean my classrooms might not be able to, because the people who prepare the restaurant dinners I eat might not be able to, because the people about whose lives Congress is debating cannot talk back except through the power of protest.

I will stand with my immigrant sisters and brothers because I recognize and value their contribution to our country. I will join the nationwide boycott because their work makes my privilege possible. I will join because, as the book of Leviticus teaches: “The stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and you shall love him as thyself.” (Lev. 19:34).

Celebrating RE/Search’s new book: Punk ’77


Sat April 29, 7:30pm
Celebrating RE/Search’s new book: Punk ’77
Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd,
Venice, CA 90291
tel 310-822-3006


Tonight, Beyond Baroque features a screening of rare, ’70s Punk films (mostly not on video) and a panel discussion of “The ’70s Punk Revolution” featuring DEVO founding theorist GERALD V. CASALE; GRAEME REVELL, founding mastermind behind ’70s punk/industrial pioneers SPK; and V. VALE, founder of Search & Destroy (1977-79) and RE/Search Publications (1980-present). A Q&A will follow.
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Mister Jalopy’s Wooden Pig

When I met Mister Jalopy for lunch today, this item was on the table before him.
(sorry for the blurring – phonecam + closeup = crap)

Apparently today’s garage sale circuit included a stop at a church rummage sale, where an argument ensued over this very item.

“How Much,” asked Mister Jalopy.

“For the wooden pig? A quarter.”

Not one to be fooled with, Mister J immediately pointed out that the article in question is, in fact, a hippo, and further it is clearly made of good old American plastic.

“I ask that you examine it more closely,” he told her, “and accept my offer of a nickel.”

At this moment, an old woman in a wheelchair overheard the exchange and took it upon herself to inform Mister Jalopy that he was, in her opinion, “a cheapskate.”

What a day. How many of us can even dream to be called cheapskate by an unknown old handicapper? That, friends, is only a part of what it means to be … Mister Jalopy.

A Sneak Peek at Misty Lee


Those of you who can’t wait for her big Memorial Day Extravaganza can catch the inimitable Misty Lee TOMORROW at the Derby.

Yep, Sunday April 30th, Misty will be magically appearing at The Derby nightclub in Hollywood as a special guest of famed L.A. swing band Mora’s Modern Rhythmists. The band goes on at 9:00 PM and Misty will be performing one of her signature illusions around 9:45.

Cover charge is ten bucks, the drinks are cool the band is hot, the sexy magician even moreso.

The Derby
4500 Los Feliz Blvd,
Hollywood, CA
(323) 661-6837
Cross Street: Hillhurst Avenue

…Libertad y Justicia Para Todos… spite of my reservations over exactly what Monday’s protesters are standing for, I strongly believe that the opposition of many for the Spanish language version of the Star Spangled Banner is contradictory to the First Amendment.

Why are people so offended when its being sung in a different language? Would they prefer people sing lyrics they don’t understand? Isn’t the message more important than the text?

Alas, I write to the readers of, a diverse group of Angelenos and others worldwide, to help with a similar project:

In the comments below, please adapt our Pledge of Allegiance into your language of choice. You can cheat with an online translation program, but please point out if you do so (as I did for the title… I didn’t pay attention in high school Spanish because I never thought I’d ever need to use it… silly me.)

English version for your reference after the jump.
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Surprise Yarn Sale at UNWIND


Have you been to the yarn store featured in Six Feet Under? If not, you should check it out.

In addition to having a superior selection of yarns, the staff at Unwind is super-nice, very knowlegeable, and absolutely eager to help with all manner of knitting questions (unlike some other stores – and you bitches know who you are). They have a good selection of books and patterns too.

To top it off, Unwind is having a huge sale to celebrate their second anniversary: 25% off A LOT of stuff – GOOD stuff. Fer Chrissakes half the store is on sale.

Still not satisfied?

How about 25% off all Lily Chin and Jo Sharp yarns online

Just put LC25 in the comments field of the order page, so they know to
deduct your discount!

818 N. Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA (WHERE IT’S AT!) 91505

From abLA :: Leaving Los Angeles

I’m out of LA for the next few days as I visit my old ‘hood of Chicago. I’m there for Sarah Cromarty’s show at Bucker Rider and to pay a much-needed visit to the Art Institute. Very excited to see the Cornell’s and the Girodet exhibition. Oh, and I hear there are some art fairs there too! I’ll also be writing on the Chicago Metblogs site – it’ll include some art as well as all of my favorite restaurants I’ll be seeing.

Have a great weekend!

May Day March

I think there’s a lot more awareness of this upcoming march on Monday than there was for the last one. Which is a good, since this one is set for Monday … you know, a workday. As many as a half a million are expected at BOTH demonstrations.

So, even if you’re not going to go participate or document it, you should probably at least be aware of what’s going to happen on Monday.

Start here at the LA Times.

There are two demonstrations planned:
11:00 AM – Downtown Los Angeles – Starting at Olympic/Browday and ending at City Hall
3:00 PM – Mid Wilshire – Starting at MacArthur Park down Wilshire Boulevard to La Brea Avenue. More info here


Some downtown and Mid-Wilshire businesses are urging their workers to use public transportation or carpool to get to work on Monday to reduce traffic congestion. Signs are already posted in the Mid-Wilshire area letting people know as well.

UPDATE: More info after the jump.
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