The Onion is looking for a Los Angeles-based writer

The Onion AV Club (where I am lucky enough to be a contributor) is looking for a Los Angeles-based writer to cover the local entertainment beat.

From Craig’s List:

The Onion is looking for a qualified, culture-savvy writer to work as the Los Angeles City Editor. The Los Angeles City Editor will oversee the local elements of The Onion A.V. Club, the entertainment section of The Onion. This part-time salaried position will include managing listings and writing picks for cultural events of all kinds, coordinating promotional events with the advertising staff, and conceiving and implementing new ideas for local coverage.


Qualified candidates will possess:

• Strong writing, editing, and organizational skills
‚Ä¢ An impressive knowledge of (and intense love for) music, restaurants, film, comedy, and theater–and an appreciation of what makes Los Angeles unique in these areas
• The ability to work well with a national editor of local content, The Onion advertising staff, and the staff of The Onion A.V. Club
• Experience in journalism, publishing, or a related field
• Enough computer skills not to embarrass anyone
• Not a requirement, but a major plus: The skills, connections, and experience to help create interviews, reviews, and feature stories for the national edition of The A.V. Club

Not that it matters, but I can tell anyone who is interested in this job that working for the AV Club is really hawesome, and you can totally impress members of the opposite sex at parties when you say, “Yeah, I write for The Onion.” Contact info for interested parties is at Craig’s List.

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