The adventures of Lil Ed and Lil Antonio

So Steve Hymon, a reporter at the LA Times, is in the midst of a very unscientific (but interesting) experiment to see if two goldfish can live in water from the L.A. River.

Well guess what? It turns out they can!

Little Ed (named for Councilman Ed Reyes, river project supporter) and Little Antonio (named for Mr. Mayor himself) have been living in a tank of L.A. River water for about a month, as well on a webcam at (the webcam will be on until for the next couple of days, anyway).


According to the LA Times site:

Little Antonio has developed black splotches, but appears to be faring well; we think it had to do with a chemical imbalance in the tank.

The experiment, not surprisingly, has brought an array of responses from readers, ranging from high praise to this being the single stupidest thing ever to be published in The Times.

Then there was this gloomy note from one reader: “Just like you and me, Little Antonio and Little Ed aren’t getting out of this alive.”

After the goldfish cam is turned off, Little Ed and Little Antonio will continue to live in river water in their aquarium, but we’ll mitigate for some of the unique problems. We’ll try to give the fish a good life in exchange for being good sports.


One thought on “The adventures of Lil Ed and Lil Antonio”

  1. It’s a fun story but unscientific is right. The problem with all this amazement about a couple goldies surviving in LA River water is that A) goldfish are pretty hearty and capable of thriving — at least for a while — in pretty wretched water conditions, and B) the tank they’re in has a filter/circulator in it that’s already “improved” the H2O.

    Anyone who’s familiar with the river, especially the more natural parts of it, isn’t surprised at the ecosystem it supports: a variety of plants, insects, amphibians, fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals thrive in and around its waters. So all this “gosh golly gee” over a couple of goldfish not going belly up is just plain silly.

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