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The past week or so has found many of us here making several posts about Dickey Barrett and his abrupt replacement on the Mighty Morning Show. Needless to say I’m not psyched about it. Yesterday the LA Weekly chimed in on the subject and pours more gasoline on the “this is messed up” fire:

Barrett says that he was prepared to take his firing quietly, but that Girocco’s statement to Hits forced his hand. Last Friday, his publicist released a typo-riddled statement in which Barrett makes a number of strong accusations, including — ouch! — that he was scolded for complaining on-air about a Morrissey single. Barrett says he was told to “say the time and call letters till your [sic] blue in the face,” and he also tells the Weekly that Indie forced him to use a playlist in recent months (a rule not applied to some other celeb DJs at Indie).

Most troubling, he accuses Indie of de facto censorship at the hands of Steele and Girocco. Barrett says the two demanded approval for all his guests, and fired him the same day he held an “unauthorized” pro-choice discussion on his show with a South Dakota radio host. (“Dawn Girocco [is] Dick Cheney, Steele is George Bush,” says Barrett in the release.)

Further complicating matters, no one at Indie will discuss the matter, including Girocco, beyond the usual “we wish him the best of luck” formalities.

Maybe it’s just me, but Michael Steele’s email reply saying “If you need to find a new choice in mornings, that’s cool. Do what you need to do, we did” doesn’t quite come across as “best of luck formalities” to me.

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  1. This bums me out so much…I can’t believe they just wanted to mess with KROQ, but then had a hit on their hands! Too bad it’s almost over….it’s definitely been very “play-listy” lately. I’m back to KCRW in the A.M. and Air America at nights.

  2. Yes indeed. Whoever they have in there now (I think it’s been different people) is just a let down. I also dont know if they’ll ever have Super Dave back, who was one of the best guests on any radio station morning or night

    Oh well, back to the pod, iGuess.

  3. Among my favorite people in the entertainment business are the hard-working men and women in local radio. Those in front of (and many more behind) the microphone labor in one of the least publicly understood industries on the planet.

    While losing one’s job is likely to be a stigma to you or I, getting fired (again and again) is merely a fact of life for those in the business. As one industry veteran told me after getting canned “Every day in radio is simply one day closer to the day you get fired”. I know that I struggle to get my mind around that, but to them it really is an understood if not always readily accepted concept.

    If you’re a fan of radio and would like to learn more, I’d encourage subscribing to Don Barrett’s It’s a fun, fascinating and sometimes sobering look at the flesh and bones behind the voices that entertain and inform us.


  4. Christ I hate being this naive. Makes me feel like I’m 17 again thinking I’ve got it all figured out, then I fall victim to yet another corporate scheme/agenda. I fucking hate that.

  5. As one of those aforementioned “hard-working and women in local radio”, I can tell you from experience that what is is not nearly what it was; and nor again, sadly will it ever be:

    Mom n’Pop record stores dying dying like fly-bitten famine victims every few months certainly has something to do with it; as does the ever-changing face of commercial radio– and, all of us who love music for it’s own sake are now being choked by ever-shrinking consultant-driven views/playlists, and the like from the corporate shit who still pretend to somehow be on our side, while always managing to fit in their 16-20 minutes of commercials an hour!

    And so, I ask again (having written about this on a similarly-themed post string) the following basic question:

    Were you/I/ any of us?, so fucking taken hostage by 103.1’s use of the word “Indie” in their marketing scam that we all REALLY somehow thought they would be of any real difference in regard to what we already had heard on the L.A. FM dial?

    Since I saw it all coming as soon as they opened shop (if you heard my/our shows back then, you remember…), I was better prepared for this than most; but, such preparedness still makes it only somewhat easier to swallow.

    And I am gagging as I write this.

    Look, just because a commercial/corporate entity such as this one hires sad and half-dead hacks like Jones(y!), Rollins and the like to be the meat in their radio burger doesn’t necessarily mean that a/THIS station was destined to be great! I have read a number of reviews praising Steve Jones because he was brave enough to go from ? And The Mysterians straight into (can you believe it?????!) Elvis Costello, or Joy Division or whomever…..

    All manner of publications here in L.A. somehow cited him and the station as being some sort of new and brave standard-bearer for doing what?

    I’ll tell you what: The same things those of us who do radio shows not for paychecks but for real and actual geek love of music have done FOR FUCKING YEARS. Just ’cause we dig it.

    So, who gets the ink? INDIE 103.1FM– and suddenly everyone seems to think the commercial medium is saved, and that it’s now all okay enough so the rest of us can go to sleep…


    Except, it’s not okay; as merely slipping the word “Indie” into your profile and moniker does not suddenly just make you truly “independent”, as the name might suggest!

    It just suckers in fringe folk, who can, for a time, spike the ratings up before the board of directors decides it’s time to push the station toward a safer and softer advertising-friendly dynamic.

    You know, less Pink Lincolns, and more Pink, etc., etc….

    So, in 2006; why should anyone of us here be at all surprised by this smothering takeover by the corporation who bought the station outright in the first place?

    Are we worried “Jonesy” won’t be able to to all his scary/brave/daring musical segues anymore– all of which (in a self-serving note) we have been more than happy to do, for free, on kxlu, for the last two decades….?

    Are we worried about the fate of other so-called “celebrity” dj’s; and where they might get their next meals?

    As far as “Jonesy”, Rollins and That Scientology Guy go; I could give a fuck:

    A commercial station called itself “Indie”; and some got burned a bit too hard by believing in such a premise.

    Boycott them, now and forever; as they are only about lies. In the future, it is best that at least some of you research that which might make you cranky.

    “Indie” 103.1FM was a lie from day one– a corporate-driven flim-flam of a lie.

    Mourn it not; just fucking let it go.

    Believe me, you people have held onto it a lot longer than it cared to hold on to you; which, I hope, might finally tell you something…..

    chris checkman

  6. Thank you, Chris Checkman, for exposing the lie that was and is Indie 103.1. You have revealed the fallicies set forth in the words and actions of the false radio prophets, among them Dicky, Henry, Jonesy (I am beginning to see a pattern here that would not be so apparent if not for your so adroitly worded post) and others who lead us to believe that we were beholding the second coming of 1980s-era KROQ. Alas you speak from KXLU, the Baha’i faith of radio (the general public have little awareness of you and few can hear you due to your weak signal). Please, go forth and spread your gospel of radio truth. Save us, the ignorant listening public, from our ways. Praise unto thee, our Chris Checkman.

    Seriously, people liked Indie 103 because when they first went on the air they played an eclectic mix of music and had interesting DJs who weren’t the annoying standard radio personalities. Now they’re pissed because Indie has gone corporate, is sacking their favorite DJs, and is playing the same songs in heavy rotation. They have a right to be pissed, because they are, in effect, customers of this station. They are expecting broadcasting of a quality which is no longer being delivered. So now, as many have said in previous postings, they will go elsewhere, most likely back to their iPods. I doubt they’ll go to KXLU, since they can’t hear you – try tuning in to your station from the Valley, San Pedro, Long Beach, or Orange County – all you get is static.

    The people who have expressed their disappointment in Indie 103 have a right to be upset. They knew it was a coporate station branded “Indie”, but they thought it would an alternative to KROQ. Now they’re finding out that it’s just another Y-107. Let them express their grief and move on. Being a condescending, patronizing jackass saying “I told you so” in your typical longwinded manner is not helping.

  7. The only thing I miss from living on the West Side was being able to hear KXLU.

    And “Indie” has always been corporate, from day one. They’re just not trying so hard to cover it up anymore.

  8. i don’t believe in radio
    i don’t believe in indie
    i don’t believe in dickie..

    i just believe in ME.

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