These Are The People In My Neighborhood

Passed by this note staked to the front lawn of a house on Lucile south of Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake (click image to biggify for enhanced readification):

16 thoughts on “These Are The People In My Neighborhood”

  1. Thanks Bwan I’m on my way!

    And sorry to disappoint 5000! I am not the person to whom this guy is addressing. And besides. I wouldn’t if this had happened on my block I wouldn’tbother with any note. I’d just call parking enforcement and have him cited.

  2. If you blocked my driveway I would tow your car in an instant. Sorry dude, don’t block the driveway.

  3. Oh god, who cares about the parking when once you get inside the Trader Joes in Silver Lake it’s just as bad/crowded! To be in that place gives me an instant heart attack.

  4. Paul, I totally agree about driveway blockers, but if I’m recalling the note correctly, I think the issue here is he was parked in his driveway and part of his vehicle was blocking the sidewalk. I’m not excusing that, just clarifying the situation.

  5. One of my neighbors left an anonymous letter at my frontdoor, complaining about my barking dog.

    Wish they would have knocked at my door, so I could inform them we own no dogs.


  6. Oh jeeze. There’s such a sense of entitlement about Silverlake nowadays. It is indeed lovely to live near the lake and take your dog to the dogpark and live in relative peace with all mankind but then you have to deal with this kind of note-leaving uptight crap. Suddenly everyone is an expert about everyone else’s manners but their own!

    (Ever ask someone in a movie theatre lately to stop talking? It’s like *you’re* the one being inconsiderate and loud.)

  7. i don’t even know which side to be indignant about, so a few design notes:

    1) century gothic good font for title, not so much for pgraphs

    2) justified font ok – i suppose – however:

    3) larger margins please. If the diatribe needs to wrap to two saran-and-mylar-shielded pages, so be it. Let us always think first and foremost of the aesthetic appeal of the angry righteous note before subjecting it to dogwalkers and the like.

    4) I’ll steer clear of grammar but politely suggest ‘Thank-you’ deserve a paragraph of its own and please, de-hyphen-the-shit out of it.

    good capture will.

  8. If it was truly parked for just a few minutes he should have left his emergency blinkers on. If not he’s lucky all he got was a note. I prefer a nice sharp key myself.

  9. I can’t really fault the guy because he was parked in his sister’s driveway, so it’s not like he blocked someone else in. I think it’s a bit of an overreaction to leave an angry note for that.

  10. Another spoiled baby, pissed off that someone called him/her out for bad behavior. I wish they had called for a tow.

    I know we all whine a bit too much about parking but please – if you do something wrong and somebody nails you for it JUST TAKE YOUR MEDICINE – or even better, just Shut The Fuck Up about it. I agree with others who say a note is the least of what could have been left on your car.

    Do you really think you’re winning friends/getting sympathy like this?

  11. Will, you’re right, I read his letter too quickly. He says first that he was blocking the sidewalk/driveway and then he says that he was blocking the sidewalk. This reminds me of all the people in SF who parked their cars on the sidewalks because there was no street parking. It wasn’t technically legal but so many people did it that the police never ticketed anyhone.

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