burbank’s finest are on the ball!

Defamer reports that a motorist who gave the finger to a fake presidential motorcade in Burbank was pulled over, handcuffed, and his vehicle searched.

They are shooting a West Wing motorcade scene out on Alameda in front of my window today… So a guy going the other direction in a Mustang honks his horn and flips off the crew as they are going by… One of the real Burbank cops peels off and chases him down. Now there are 4 cop cars and about 10 cops going through his car while he is handcuffed sitting on the ground over by Chadney’s parking lot.. Fun outside my window at someone else’s expense… It doesn’t get any better than this.

Uh . . . what law did this guy break, and why did it warrant four cop cars and ten cops, handcuffs, and a vehicle search? Is there some obscure vehicle code in Burbank that criminalizes giving the finger to fake presidents? If this story is true, I imagine the detained motorist has a very legitimate grievance against Burbank’s finest.

(via LA Observed)

5 thoughts on “burbank’s finest are on the ball!”

  1. So many questions: Is it technically against the law to make an obscene gesture in public? Perhaps they went after him because he wilfully and purposely interfered with a film shoot? Maybe the cops stopped him with probable cause to search his vehicle for drugs or alcohol because they figured only someone stoned or drunk would do something so inane? But couldn’t the dude then argue his fundamental right to freedom of speech had been attacked? Do these pants make my ass look big? Can someone please stop me? What is my favorite color? Aggggh?

  2. You know, Will, I didn’t want to say anything . . . but we’ve all been a little concerned about your pants.

  3. Now come on, it’s one thing to flip off President Bush. After all, he DOES deserve it. But President Bartlett? He killed Kurtz! He’ll snap your spine llike a twig.

  4. “A” for effort, but a “D” for the misdirected finger. (It could have been Bartlett, Santos, or yuck – Vinick.)

    I’m not sure what law the officers could have pulled him over for, possibly public indecency for the finger (but then I know a lot of people who should have been pulled over by now). As for the car search, if the officers suspected the person was on somthing that could justify the search (also it can be justified if they feel a weapon may be in the vehicle) they just would not be able to search the trunk or glovebox without a warrant (thanks to the “Bright Line” rule in Belton). If they impound his car then everything can be admitted during the course of an Inventory Search.

    But who knows, maybe the Burbank PD wanted to put on a good show for the Warner Bros. film crews so filming will continue in Burbank?

  5. That’s Burbank for you. A cop on every street waiting for you to make a sudden move so they can book you. Even crying babies are being fined for disturbing the piece.

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