Walkout Protest Photos

Here are some of the photos I took at the walkout today:

student protesters

My photos from Saturday were just shown on CNN here is the transcript:

JACKI SCHECHNER, CNN INTERNET REPORTER: Wolf, we’re seeing some incredible photographs, as some people first document what is going on offline via the Internet — these taken by a guy named Dave Bullock in downtown Los Angeles from some of the protests over the weekend. The name of his blog is eecue.com.

Update: Don Garza took some great photos and wrote about what some of the students had to say.

Mayor Villaraigosa

student protestersstudent protesters

You can see the rest here.

Update Not sure what is going on but flickr seems to be down! If you want to see the photos check the link above.

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  1. good pics! But how many of those kids could write a coherent one-page essay explaining why they’re protesting?

  2. I’d say more than half. The ones I spoke to knew exactly what they were protesting and said some very moving things. If they wouldn’t be able to write an essay, would it be their fault of the fault of the CA public school system?

  3. Whose fault? Both. The ed system for not teaching them, and theirs for not demanding to be taught and being in class. One of the biggest problems the LAUSD has is students and parents who are not engaged. It’ll be ninteresting to see how much this walkout costs the LA schools, since funding is based on attendance. 14,000 kids out of school in one day is a significant financial hit.

  4. I was just listening to Warren Olney on Which Way LA interview a sophomore, Miguel, from Garfield HS. Miguel said they walked all the way from Garfiel to City Hall. Damn!

    Great pictures.

  5. i’m pretty sure that the money a school receives is based on the attendance taken during record room/home room, whatever you want to call it, at least thats how it was done when i was in hs, about 5 yrs ago, and i’m not aware of any changes…If the students showed up for that, since its the official attendance, then the schools shouldn’t be losing money…

  6. I was sitting alongside the steps to Bridge Hall at USC when all of a sudden a huge throng of marching, chanting kids came rushing down Trousdale–one of USC’s main thoroughfares through campus. T’was an awesome site–especially when about 20 kids descended on a snooty business honor society’s table and walked off with their swag.

  7. Whose fault? Both. The ed system for not teaching them, and theirs for not demanding to be taught and being in class.

    A bit much to expect of 14-18 year-old kids, don’t ya think?

    When you were in high school, were you so self-aware and mature that you knew when you were not being taught properly (except in the most egregious cases – like when my “World History” teacher, who was a basketball coach, told us that the Spanish Armada was one ship)?

  8. Everything I read that is coming out of L.A. about the so called “protests”, talks about them as if they are the greatest thing short of the second coming of Jesus Christ. What is so wonderful about foreign nationals, waving foreign (mexican) flags, rioting in the streets of americas major cities. All this is confirmation of the need for immigration reform, and not just the fairly liberal reform policies proposed which sparked these insurrections in the first place. Perhaps the military should be mobilized to deal with these dissident insurgents in our streets.

  9. Children of ILLEGAL immigrants who pay no taxes march out of schools that are supported by tax-paying, LEGAL US citizens and LEGAL immigrants.

    Ironic, no?

  10. ROGG & ANCIENT, you’re all joking right?
    Lol, dissident insurgents. Who went to home room, walked peacefully, yet vocally towards City Hall.

    I kind of liked being a child of a tax payer amongst the “dissident wet-back, blah blah blahs” who had tax paying parents too. Dude. Income tax. They pay. Man, I love it when you two play Selma, Alabama. Do we get white hoods too? When’s that RPG going to come out, eh?

  11. To Yasonyacky: No, it’s not too much to expect. We knew. But beyond that, our parents knew and raised hell about it. And by the way, these walkouts aren’t about principle on this third day, they’re about skipping school and disrupting traffic.

  12. Yeah. Great way to support your cause – waving foreign flags show precisely where their loyalties lie. I’ll bet anything that at least half of these kids are here illegally as well. No wonder they’re marching against this. If they crack down on illegals, these pple’ll no doubt all be sent back to where they belong.

    I have no sympathy for them. My parents worked to get here legally. Why should illegals get a break for breaking the law?

  13. CHAI: Good for you.

    I’m sure you’re parents appreciated their tax dollars being wasted while you skip class. BTW, Schools are supported through PROPERTY TAXES, not income tax.

    And, for the record, I never referred to them in any racially derogatory way. Again, more pro-amnesty supporters playing the race card.

    Sadly, predictable.

  14. As a homeowner who actually pays as much in taxes to support public education as any parent (who is also a homeowner) I have to say that I have no problem at all with kids taking a day to exercise their right to lawful assembly and demonstrate for a cause they believe in.

    I’d say they learn as much in a few hours of that than they do in a whole week’s worth of civic lessons and it’s something that they’ll probably remember a lot longer.

  15. Ummm … HELLO? Yes, I would say there are serious problems with the education system. Primarily, it would be in teaching kids the difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL.

    The proposed law would affect ONLY those who are here ILLEGALLY. You know, breaking the law. Came over without permission. Jumped the border. Breaking the RULES.

    There is NO PROBLEM with those who come here LEGALLY. Welcome to the USA! We’re glad to have ya.

    People who are citizens here, and those who are here LEGALLY, we work, we pay taxes .. to pay for schools. For the children of people who are here LEGALLY.

    NOT those who are here illegally.

    So, for those who are here ILLEGALLY and are marching out of the schools in protest of a country that is sick and damned tired of supporting ILLEGAL ALIENS while our OWN children go hungry and without medical care … keep marching. Go on. Keep going. And going. Don’t much care which direction you go, east or west is just fine, just as long as you GO until you are OFF of US soil.

    Should you wish to return via LEGAL channels, by all means, do so. Otherwise, go to hell.

  16. And the latest stats say your innocent little civics lesson cost the LAUSD more than $1 million in state reimbursement. Wonder how many of them actually can do the math to figure out how much that is per protester.

  17. No one mentions the millions of immigrants who are here legally. I happen to teach many of them in adult school.

    These people are some of the most vocal opponents of simply opening the borders to all comers (which is the current situation, as the laws as they currently stand are NOT being enforced), or granting amnesty (no matter what you call it… “guest worker” or whatever). These things would be a hideous insult to all of the years they worked within the system LEGALLY to gain the citizenship which they so proudly bear.

    There are scattered stories of not only verbal abuse against non-hispanics, but also physical abuse (like the person who was hit simply for asking why… if they were so pro-“legalize me in the US”… were they displaying flags from OTHER countries. This is not only obviously anti-American, these people would fit the definition of terrorists… trying to bring about their agenda through fear and intimidation.

    I’ll just leave it at that.

  18. Damn “Violet Tha Cool Girl”, how do I argue with logic like that. If by curvacious you mean fat, then I’m glad I’m “flat as a board”.

  19. As a native Angeleno from the Eastside, I can say that I saw this coming many years ago. I used to work at the Otis Art School in the late 70s. I could not believe my eyes.. MacArthur Park was no place for an afternoon lunch. I used to walk to the local deli on Rampart during my lunch break passing business after business which comprised of Central American. I ate my first Honduran tamale among other delicacies. My biggest question then was if these people were being assimilated. Then in the 90s I was at CSULA wondering again.. the explosion of immigrants in L.A. …are they assimilating to this country?

    How will our new society define itself? These kids have changed our reality.I guess we have to wait another decade or two to see what their (our) children will have to live with and ultimately pay for.

    On Boyle`

  20. Why would anyone approve and reward someone for breaking the law? This is exactly what our government officials want to do about our illegal immigration problem in the US.

    There are many arguments on this subject and it can be very touchy to discuss it with people. The facts are:
    -We have 12-30 million illegal immigrants in the US
    -According to the Bureau of Prison Statistics, 30% of the prison population in the border states (CA, AZ, NM, TX, NV) are illegal immigrants.
    -25% of illegal immigrants are on public assistance
    -95% of illegal immigrants have no health care insurance
    -Over 50% of illegal immigrants send greater than 35% of their wages back to Mexico
    -55% of High School dropouts in the border states are illegal immigrants
    -Following our first worker assistance program during the 1950-60’s, illegal immigration has increased over 1000%

    After reading these facts, it blows my mind that some people want to allow the illegal immigrants residency in our country. If we reward illegal immigrants for breaking our laws by coming here undocumented or overstaying a visa, it send a clear message to others that it is OK to come into our country without authorization. In addition it gives illegals hope that if they are here long enough, they might gain residency. We must put a stop to this or our future will be as bright as France’s.

    For years, France has tolerated and supported illegal immigrates from Africa into their country. It was compassionate and the humane thing to do according to them. Now their economy is in runes and their social health care system is not only bankrupt, but is sliding into the third-world status. People with money are leaving France for countries with better living conditions and health care. This is our future if we in anyway allow illegal immigration.

    I have a very multiracial family. My step-mom is Filipino, my step-dad and 2 brothers Costa Rican, my Uncle Chinese, and another uncle Iranian. All of them came to the US LEGALLY and have prospered. The reason we don’t let everyone into our country is that we seek immigrants that will support and contribute to our society. The main reason Latins want to immigrate here is because they don’t have an education or good career so they see the US as a “golden ticket.” They get free health care, welfare, and education for them and their children.

    Illegal immigrants are also sucking up jobs for our own citizens. 40% of insulation, 25% of roofer, and 60% of agricultural worker are illegal aliens. Constructions jobs pay well, especially for high school dropouts, and illegal aliens are doing them for less.

    Don’t disrespect us by coming into our country and waving the flag of the country you left. If you are so proud of where you ran from, GO BACK! If you want to come into the US LEGALLY like my relatives have, them go through the legal channels and stop cutting in line. We will welcome you, but respect us by learning OUR language and waving OUR flag when you choose to protest.

    Get a clue before we end up a third world country too.

  21. i wrote an essay about why we did the walk out and it is very convincing so i think you have to stop talking wrong about us!!!!!!!!!

  22. i think that the government is making a big mistake because they shouldnt be throwing out us mexicans like that.to tell you the truth we, us mexicans did most of the work in this country all we want is to live a better life. we dont want the life suffering without jobs and not having a roof over our head.Bush should think about what he is doing. mexicans do all the dirty work just to have a life we always wanted.
    but i think there will be lotz of problems in the feuture if we stay on this road.

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