You can always browse the latest views of Los Angeles via Metroblogging’s own Los Angeles Flickr group, but there are lots of other coolio L.A. Flickr groups, like Los Angeles Street Art, Los Angeles History or the plain old “Los Angeles” pool, any of which you can subscribe to via the RSS link on their main group page (makes a nice break from all that wordy stuff you get all day).

Some of my favorite L.A. “photos”, however, aren’t photos at all: they’re scans of sketches made by local artists, like this one of Chinese New Year by area artist Karen Winters, which I discovered via a Flickr illustration feed I have set up in my RSS reader. (Lots more pretty L.A. sketches on her own website.)

Strangely, for as many artists as there must be in L.A., there are scant few sketches uploaded to Flickr. Not that I don’t like the photos but you know–sometimes it’s nice to kick it old school.

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