Mighty Morning Replacement

I’m listening to Indie 103.1 (or at least I was a minute ago) and hearing the horrid excuse for a replacement they have on the air for the recently departed Mighty Morning Show (which we’ve discussed before.)

The only question I have is WHY?!

So far I’ve just heard some moron talking about how he doesn’t download porn he makes it and the other guy talking about how he uses his imagination and “snaps it” in the bathroom during commercial breaks while watching Gilligan’s Island. These dudes are more annoying and vapid than TK in the afternoons, and to make me admit anyone is worse than TK is a near-superhuman feat.

Bring back Dicky Barrett and the Might Morning Show. I may not’ve loved it all the time, but I loved it more than anything else on the radio in the morning.

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  1. I heard about five minutes of that crap before realizing that my brain cells were committing suicide en masse and had to turn it off. Stacey introduced them, some band whose name I quickly forgot, as special guest hosts so I can only assume the horrid assault won’t last. I don’t listen to much morning radio anymore but losing the last really great morning show in the area makes me not want to listen to it at all.

  2. Sooner or later, Clear Channel was going to assert their ownership (nominal or otherwise.)

    This could be the first step toward making Indie 103.1 just as bland, safe, boring and corporate as everything else Clear Channel touches.

  3. The LA Voice post made it pretty clear that there’s no longer any CC ownership interest in 103.1:

    “At that point the FCC said Clear Channel who operated Indie 103.1 out of the Entravision offices could no longer do so – All business ties on paper we’re severed – It became a full Entravision property – But the hard right leaning Clear Channel program director and station manager (along with a lot of the behind the scenes technical employees) were already firmly in place – It is in Clear Channel’s best interest that Indie 103.1 exist”

    Not that there’s not still influence there or that Entravision’s much better, but I think it’s important to see that the degradation of station quality and diversity is a problem with centralized, corporate radio as a whole and not just CC.

  4. in case anyone is curious, i have lots of radio experience and would love to program your radio station. i am way better than the goons running things at indie 103.

    no really.

  5. I listened too, and Oh.My.God. I’ve never actually felt sweet sweet relief at the cut to commercial. I was actually GRATEFUL to hear the ads. It was awful.

    Even the music they played was the most banal of indie’s offerings, the “alternative gold” crap…unlike the relatively listenable mix Dickie played, which was the highlights of their new music plus older, less well-known, interesting music.

    I switched to KROQ–horror of horrors–which wasn’t any better but was actually less abrasive, if you can believe it, and then popped in a cd.

    Ugh. Crappy-ass way to start the day, if you ask me. They suck.

  6. It was shockingly bad. I can’t believe that the Indie management thinks that listeners prefer belching, cursing and porn to witty dialogue and great music. I’ve sent emails to the station and their advertisers–doubt it will do any good but it’s important to speak out against this crap.

  7. This is a great example of why radio SUCKS!!!!!!
    I can’t properly express how much corporate radio just sucks the life force out of it’s listeners. No wonder Howard Stern left. There are still terrestrial radio stations out there that exist whose purpose is to entertain and quite possibly expose someone to new music (KGSR in Austin is one) but none of these are A) corporate owned and 2)located in L.A. (KCRW obviously does not count since we subscribers pay for it).

    Viva le’ Ipod, Viva le’ Sirius and XM

  8. It’s evidence that the Indie management seems to think that the magic solution was just letting celebs be DJ’s instead of realizing that 1) the celeb DJ’s they picked happened to also be good radio personalities and 2) they also had great taste and good programming ideas.

    You only have to listen to Love Line a few times to realize that just because somebody’s in a band doesn’t mean they’re going to be a good radio host.

  9. Absolutely — I’ve only really given Jonesy and Dickey’s shows any real attention but it was much more than their celebrity nature that makes/made them worth listening to. Take away their reputations as members of popular bands and they’re still great DJs.

    Strip away the celebrity from today’s morning hosts (as well as countless others) and you have little to nothing.

  10. Oh jeeze, I hadn’t thought of good old ‘long pauses lasting forever’ Jonesy! I hope he’s not next to get the axe. I love his ramblings and music programming.

    I heard that crap this morning too. I thought I had been sucked into a Star 98.7 vortex! A vortex of hell!

  11. This totally, absolutely, sucks.

    Sent to Indie 103.1’s myspace before I got the details…

    “Hey guys. I love your station. Seriously, it is the best musical thing to ever happen to my life. I adore your station, its hard-working emloyees, and everything it stands for.

    So please, take this as an act of love, when I tell you that the whole “Van Stone” thing on this morning’s radio program was the most unlistenable sonic ear-fuck of my life. It was taylor-made for the lowest common denominator that I would normally associate with that “other” rock station’s morning show or that Cow-Man guy. Poor poor Liz, being relegated to presiding over that disjointed bowel-discharge passed on as a radio broadcast and referred to as “The Indie 103.1 Morning Show”. A part of my soul died this morning, and not a noble death, but the kind of death reserved for the most unfortunate victims of the Spanish inquisition. The radio-equivalent of the “pear of anguish” hath been heated over fiery coals and thrust into my raw anus.

    Where was Dickie? Is he coming back?”

  12. Switching to Indie has always been a relief…until now. That was just terrible! I don’t get up before noon anymore (great excuse). Other than that I could verify that Jonesy keeps on doing his thing. Loved it today! I will miss Dickey and I look forward to the replacement of his replacement. Can’t take long.

  13. This morning was terrible. I emailed the complaint address, Steele, and Shovel (I don’t know why I CC’ed him, but I did). Shovel responded that “Van Stone was funny when they were Dickie’s guest”. No they were not, and they were not this morning. Actually, I can’t even remember when they were guests but they probably were not funny. They could not have been that funny, no one seems to remember them (I’ve asked many other faithful listeners).

    Navaro could be good tomorrow, I’ll listen to that. If Dickys replacement is good, I might listen, but I doubt anyone can replace that gravelly throated young man and this incident will probably haunt Indie for a good long time.

    I won’t stop listening to Indie because I like Jonesy, Check one…two, w.radio, et al but I will bitch about the fact that they ditched the best morning show I’ve ever heard. I never liked Stern, I listened to David Lee Roth once (man that was bad), and Philly radio has not had anything good since the mid 90s with WDRE. Dicky was my only alternative to making mix CDs to get me through the morning. Bleh. I need more scotch.

  14. Here’s one for you, I emailed Michael Steele at Indie and here is a copy of what I wrote and what he replied. Word for word. This man is an ass!

    Dear Mr. Steele,

    What a friggin joke your station has become! You have no balls! You had the
    hottest DJ and morning show in the country! you let it just slip through your
    fingers and we are all having to pay the price for your mistakes!!
    The whole way you went about FIRING Dickie was Bushit!!! I hope Dickie finds
    another station that will kick your asses. I also hope that other DJs like Rob
    Zombie and Dave Navarro, and Steve Jones walk out on your asses as well.

    Have a nice friggin day (because we wont!)

    From Michael Steele –

    Hey Patrick-
    Our indie team of dj’s is happily intact. The only thing changing is the morning
    host. If Dicky was the only reason you were listening, and he brought you to the
    station, then you must be upset by the change, BUT if you are a music fan, and
    you found Indie prior to that, you’ll be happy to know that we’re staying true
    to what we’ve always done.
    Ps…kroq already kicks our ass, but don’t look for them to be hiring dicky
    anytime soon.
    Sent via BlackBerry from EarthLink Wireless.


    Dawn Girocco

    Station Manager | Indie 103.1
    Entravision Communications
    5700 Wilshire | Suite 250 | Los Angeles, CA 90036
    323-900-6264 Direct | 323-900-6271 fax | 323-839-0119 cell

  16. The show sucked. WTF, tattoing on air? It’s a radio show! Jonsey should be on 24/7. FM is dead.

  17. Never thought I would stop listening to Indie but without Dickie it is horrible, unbearable to listen to in the morning. You must be saying to yourselves what have we done. Very bad move people!!!!!

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