Mighty Morning Replacement

March 27, 2006 at 8:06 am in Entertainment

I’m listening to Indie 103.1 (or at least I was a minute ago) and hearing the horrid excuse for a replacement they have on the air for the recently departed Mighty Morning Show (which we’ve discussed before.)

The only question I have is WHY?!

So far I’ve just heard some moron talking about how he doesn’t download porn he makes it and the other guy talking about how he uses his imagination and “snaps it” in the bathroom during commercial breaks while watching Gilligan’s Island. These dudes are more annoying and vapid than TK in the afternoons, and to make me admit anyone is worse than TK is a near-superhuman feat.

Bring back Dicky Barrett and the Might Morning Show. I may not’ve loved it all the time, but I loved it more than anything else on the radio in the morning.

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