Hail Cesar!


I could fib and say I was exercising my long-dormant journalistic tendencies to investigate whatever the moveable ruckus was on Sunset Boulevard this Cesar Chavez Day morning, but the nekkid truth and coincidence is that I just happened to be walking the dog at the exact same time and place that a stream of Marshall High students were marching to City Hall to take part in today’s continuation of the protests that had taken over downtown this past weekend.

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/03/march02-thumb.jpgSunset’s ensuing gridlock was punctuated by honks and hoots of support from many inside the stranded vehicles, along with siren chirps and blirps from LAUSD and LAPD police cruisers that bobbed and weaved through the traffic jam, trying to keep moving through the thick of the standstill.

The students themselves were peaceful and considerate, save for whoever among them couldn’t fight the urge to stick it to The Man by tipping over a trashcan or adorning a wall with a fresh tag. Some were less motivated than others. One placard carrying protester begged a passing patrol car for a ride downtown, while others ditched the signs they carried and made detours into the 7-11 and the Starbucks west of Alvarado.

Me and the dog, we split off at the Brite Spot for a lap around Echo Park Lake and by the time we got back up onto Sunset it was like the walkout-a-thon had never even happened… except for the grafitti, the tipped garbage cans, and the improvised signage that littered the walk back home (additional photos after the jump).





3 thoughts on “Hail Cesar!”

  1. Good pics. I’m kicking myself for not having recharged the batteries for my camera this weekend, otherwise I would have grabbed video at Hollywood High.

  2. I’m all for the cause, but maybe the one kid responsible for the sign in the first photo shouldn’t be skipping class, given he can’t correctly write the letter “N.”

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