Adultcon 10…


(Pictured: Pornstar Julia Bond surrounded by a gaggle of fans.)

I’ve been to a few of the past Adultcons (NSFW), and while the highlights have always been meeting the pin-up girls and pornstars, overall the convention experience has always been a major letdown, especially given its price of admission and compared with Erotica LA.

So fast-forward to Saturday. I had assumed that with its $35.00(!) admission and the protest running through Downtown, that Adultcon 10 at the LA Convention Center would be sparsely attended. Holy shit, was I wrong. While parking was easy, the line to get into Concourse Hall extended all the way through the connecting corridor between West Hall and South Hall to the escalators(!). So it took well over an hour to get through the line, and once I got into the convention itself, I was quickly bored after less than ten minutes of walking around.

However, I was thoroughly entertained by the reactions from the fans in attendance whenever a pin-up model or pornstar started posing for photos. Guys are really funny like that, as they see the activity that’s going on, and very quickly there’s this swarm of cameraphones, still cameras, and videocameras, all pointed at a single woman in the middle. I got some great photos of this universal giddiness, and I suppose that’s a key reason why I keep going back in the first place.

More photos (all safe for work) here.

UPDATE: One attendee blogged his experience there on Saturday.

UPDATE 2: FreePornStarPix (NSFW) has a report with photos and interviews.