¡Sí, Se Puede!


I just got back from the Immigrants Rights protest in Downtown LA. OMG, there had to be a million people there. I took a crapton of photos and I will upload them as soon as I can. I have to go down to OC so I left half way through the march. There is no end in sight of the line of people and the protest has spread from Broadway on to Spring and Main. I have never seen anything like this firsthand before. Everyone waving american and mexican flags and placard and chanting. Very powerful and very inspiring.

Update: I have uploaded my images here.

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  1. I feel kinda flaky for not going, but not feeling well and going to a march with thousands of people didn’t seem like a good idea.

  2. Official count is more like 200,000. I have mixed feelings about this issue. If you’re already here illegally, and especially if your children then were born here, that’s one issue. You’re doing jobs Americans don’t care to do, and that’s good, but you’re draining school and health resources and that’s not good. We need to find a workable solution to that situation. Many illegals have built productive lives here, and we should find a legal way to integrate them into tax-paying, traffic-fighting, bill-paying society.

    But if you’re not here yet and plan on coming in illegally, that’s another issue. It is a felony to enter this country illegally. Until that’s changed, stay home.

    No one rallies for the right to commit other felonies, like burglary or tax fraud, do they? Yet that’s what some of these folks — no matter how well-intentioned they may be — are doing. Rally for immigration law reform. God knows it needs it. But don’t rally for the right to commit what is currently a crime.

  3. I have to agree with Lee. I don’t have a problem with immigrants if they come here legally, but they’re protesting for illegals to get rights that shouldn’t be bestowed upon them since it’s a crime already. My parents came here legally, and I expect others to go through the same process that they did. Illegals may provide the jobs others don’t want, but Americans support them through taxes in order to finance their health and welfare system. I can’t believe how many illegals have children just to stay here and milk our welfare system like there’s no tomorrow. Do the right thing and do it legally!

    I’m sure the majority that were protesting were illegals and their family. It just goes to show how many illegals are already here.

  4. Minor correction: The Sensebrenner bill would officially make it a felony. Right now, however, sneaking into the country is still illegal, so my point stands. Why is this so hard for people to grasp. It’s ILLEGAL. There is a legal way to do it, so it’s not like there aren’t options.

  5. This bill has a lot of problems, and those problems were intentionally inserted by Republican lawmakers looking to turn this into the wedge issue it’s become: you either support this bill, they say, or you want the streets to be flooded with cheap, illegal labor. Unfortunately, Democrats and many activists have played right into their hands.

    I believe that if we remove the incentive to enter the country illegally, we would watch illegal immigration drop to a trickle.

    The illegal workers are thoroughly exploited by their employers, because their employers know that they can’t fight back against deplorable working conditions and sub-minimum wages. The same employers also know that nobody else will take the shit jobs they’re giving to illegal immigrants, too.

    What if employers, like the famers in the central valley for example, were fined something like $20,000 for each illegal worker, and shut down for 15 days per worker? Yes, prices would rise, but profits would also fall. Maybe that would remove one incentive.

    I’m all for encouraging people to come here, from anywhere in the world, to make a better life for themselves. But I have to play by the rules, and so should everyone else. If you entered this country illegally, you should be deported and given an opportunity to come back the right, legal way.

    However, it is wonderful to see so many people feel strongly enough about an issue that affects them to take to the streets and make their voices heard. I’ve long thought that if we could somehow organize general strikes nationwide, we could seriously force the government to listen to us.

  6. I’m sure the majority that were protesting were illegals and their family. It just goes to show how many illegals are already here.

    Mel, wanna put in your proof, or gonna leave the comment stand on its risible lack of it?

  7. This whole situation is just ridiculous. I doubt that any American is really against immigration (except for those that are anti-growth). My mom came from Korea and my dad’s dad and his grandparents came from Germany. But they came here, followed the rules, and assimilated into the mainstream culture. If we really need more immigrants, then let’s allow more people to become legal residents and go through the process. Change the rules of the system, don’t break the rules of the system.

  8. CNN reports 500,000 protesters in LA. The pictures are insane! I’ve never seen a demonstration like that here and I’ve lived in LA my whole life.

    My mum lived here illegally for 40 years. She’s from Canada. It took her two years to get permanent residence. I mean, it’s not that difficult people. It’s a long process but it pays off in the end. Mym mums excited about voting lol

  9. Paul, I totally support LEGAL immigration. It makes the US a better country. My son’s school is like the UN — a wonderful melange of cultures. But ILLEGAL immigration has to be stopped. Period. Whether that means work permits or whatever, the free flow of illegal bodies is a crime. How can anyone argue with that?

  10. If a lot of illegal immigration eventually makes LA a northern outpost to a city in Mexico that’s always miserable and poor, then where will all its discontented, interminably low-achieving masses of people move to next? Central California? San Francisco? Kansas? Idaho? Canada? Back to Mexico?

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