Of course I went to Santino’s garage sale

There was literally nothing but a few tubs of fabric scraps at Santino’s garage sale. I didn’t even watch Project Runway, but still I live just a few minutes’ drive from the sale, so I went, if only to scope it out for absent friends. Santino’s helper told me that people had been camping out there last night, so by 130pm when I got there they were simply cleaned out.

Of course I couldn’t resist a photo op –

I asked Santino what he was going to sell tomorrow (the sale was supposed to be today and Sunday) and he told me there would be more stuff for tomorrow.

So head over there if you feel so compelled….

609 N. Beachwood Dr.
between Beverly and Melrose

6 thoughts on “Of course I went to Santino’s garage sale”

  1. That’s down the street from my boss’s house. I’ll hopefully try and make it out tomorrow. I was afraid of going and seeming like a stalker fan. lol

  2. I may be the least fashionable person on the planet, but Santino is a hack. Daniel all the way….

    Either him or ANDRAE… what happened to Andrae?

  3. I’ll give credit where due and say that Santino has lots of talent. He might not be the most personable and might not take criticism well, but the man can whip out a dress out of nothing. In regards to Project Runway, Daniel’s collection should have won… but we all know it is not the last we’ve heard from either man. Good luck to both.

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