Dicky Barrett Was Fired

Last month I posted about how The Mighty Morning Show on Indie 103.1 was the best morning radio show in LA. Last week it disappeared off the air with no explanation of what happened. The station said that Dicky quit to focus on the Kimmel show fulltime but that sounded lie a huge pile of crap. Turns out, it was. This morning LA Voice has a press release from Dicky explaining exactly what happened and why he was fired.

“The man hired to ”coach” me “trying to get the show to the next level” Dan Kieley said “Dicky is a true talent and a radio star” and ”it’s a great Morning Show”
I was fired for being unwilling to be, in Dawn Girocco’s words ”more mainstream” It was a great morning show. It is unfair to let people think I walked away to put more work into loudly reading twenty to thirty words a night on Jimmy’s T.V. show. I worked hard on the Mighty Morning Show. I along with Stacey, Chuck, and Liz, built and grew it to what it was. You could count on it (for the most part) to provide you with interesting, compelling content and better music then any other show on the air in the morning.”

There’s also some insight into the constant Clear Channel or not discussions surrounding the station:

“At that point the FCC said Clear Channel who operated Indie 103.1 out of the Entravision offices could no longer do so – All business ties on paper we’re severed – It became a full Entravision property – But the hard right leaning Clear Channel program director and station manager (along with a lot of the behind the scenes technical employees) were already firmly in place – It is in Clear Channel’s best interest that Indie 103.1 exist”

Complaints can be directed to Michael Steele (program director) at [email protected] or give him a ring 877.900.1031

And Dicky – if you want to start podcasting The Might Metroblogging Show just say the world and we’ll hook you up!

UPDATE: From the comments, Chris wrote and and received a reply from [email protected] that said:


Keep listening…Jonesy’s not going anywhere. If you need to find a new choice in mornings, that’s cool. Do what you need to do, we did.
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So there you have it, doesn’t sound like he’s sticking to the “Dicky quit” story any longer does it?

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  1. I sent an e-mail to Michael Steele at Entravision and recieved the following from him:

    From: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: Mourning a Mighty Show
    Date: March 25, 2006 4:30:25 PM PST


    Keep listening…Jonesy’s not going anywhere. If you need to find a new choice in mornings, that’s cool. Do what you need to do, we did.
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    Original Message
    From: Chris
    Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 11:27:22
    To:[email protected]
    Subject: Mourning a Mighty Show

    Dear Indie 103.1 Corporate Types,

    Please do yourselves (and your audience) a tremendous favor and bring
    back Mighty Morning Show host Dicky Barrett. DJs like Dicky and
    Steve Jones are the only things keeping Indie 103.1 legitimately
    “indie” in the eyes of your listening public (don’t think we haven’t
    notice all of that Morningwood and She Wants Revenge you’ve been
    assaulting us with lately).

    We thought you were cool, man. Don’t go breaking our hearts like
    KROQ did in the early 90s.


    Chris Lott
    An avid listener (although not so much these past few days)

  2. To One And All,
    In case any of you have lagged behind in getting any of this, here it is: The only thing “indie” about Indie 103.1FM is their focus group-shopped clever lil’ moniker!

    That’s it! Period. So what is all the fuss about here?

    To those who loved what Dicky Barrett might’ve been trying to do, and to those who also swear by “Jonesy’s Jukebox” or any other show on that station, here’s some hard news:

    It’s only gonna get worse; and then several degrees worse beyond that.

    It’s regrettable; but it is also the truth– so pull your heads out of your asses and start facing up to it, for fuck’s sake!!!

    I, for the moment, will assume that all reading this (and those who listen to said station) are, in fact, at least by age, if not ability to discern things for themselves– adults! Right?

    Along similar lines, I will also assume that you “adults” mostly have driver’s licenses, own cars have music collections, to varying degrees; so I must also assume you have spent enough time on Earth to kind of know what the commercial radio scam is all about!

    While I find th whole thing abhorrent; just think it over for a second: A major national player in buying up as many local stations as it can buys one here in L.A., names it (after, I’m sure, tons of focus group shit) “Indie 103.1FM”; and, after a certain time, begins to flex it’s dipshit corporate muscle on the product in which it’s invested millions of dollars– and you people are acting all surprised and hurt?

    You have got to be fucking kidding me.

    Don’t mistake my words, or in other ways get me wrong here. I am not speaking in support of the grand corporate master, by any stretch; as I am a local radio guy who believes in no playlists, and despises consultants, focus groups and corporate slickies to the point where I would happily sign a petition or other said document to have them all killed in front of their families– as their precious lil’ babies watch in horror.

    But, having cleared that up, surely I cannot have been the only one who saw a bigass corporation name a station “Indie”, and then begin to count the days before it would all start to stink like rotting flesh!

    Please, someone; tell me I am not alone in this!

    I know I am not nearly the smartest person in the world; so, surely, someone else must have felt the cold chill I did when such a station, with such a disingenuous moniker, landed here in L.A., with such big time backing.

    Now, the knives of the corporate abbatoir are beginning to rotate at full speed– lopping off heads at a seemingly alarming rate; but again, boys and girls, we are talking about feeling raped and disappointed because the station’s name has the word “Indie” in it– as we all the while forget it is owned by a soulless corporation that is only looking, by hook and crook, through every last marketing ploy it can, to make money.

    It seems we have again been screwed; but, this time the onus is upon us, and not the big corporation. Some of us (myelf included) have assiduously avoided fake-“Indie 103.1FM”, as we saw this coming.

    Again: Big corporation with a big investment on the line, dares to call one of it’s radio holdings “Indie”. Commercial, for-profit entity tries to swing so-alled “outsider” vote by latching onto buzzword that had ben dead ten years….

    And everyone acts surprised and gets hurt when the logical fascist business-oriented shit happens.

    Are any of you REALLY surprised by any of this; or just disappointed?

    Did no one ever take the words Clear Channel into account?

    That might’ve been a tipoff, if you possessed a head, you know?

    chris checkman

  3. Chris,

    I agree with just about everything you’ve said, wholeheartedly. In my original message to Michael Steele I was attempting to be as polite and good-natured as possible without telling him that his station is largely a steaming pile of crap (although I have to say I really do enjoy Watusi Rodeo).
    Anyway, since KXLU’s signal is largely non-existant north of the Sepulveda Pass I have to make do with what I can.


  4. Hey Chris,
    Gotta ask: are you referencing the song “Watusi Rodeo”, by Guadalcanal Diary!? Or something else…?

    Also, please do NOT misunserstand, Chris: I was not trying to position myself as some sort of expert given that I may/may not work for another station you cited in your response! I was just talking as a lifetime radio listener/observer.

    You are 100% correct in noting that KXLU’s signal becomes greatly compromised upon driving into the valley over the Sepulveda Pass/405– just as you are totally correct in implying how much it fucking sucks to lose said signal that quickly, simply because of a certain bowing to the God-bothering shits that run KTLW radio (said as a listener only, ahem; ‘allegedly’).

    Speaking merely as a private, radio-listening citizen here, for legal purposes; and certainly NOT as any sort of representative of any local radio station I may be alleged to work at, lemme just say this:

    It fucking sucks that KXLU has now been embroiled for nearly 5 years in a war over signal strength/territory with those Jesus-freak/scare tactic bastard/God-botherers who work at KTLW radio– and it fucking mystifies me that there has been no one with a brain (in legal circles) who has not shut down these superstitious, hay-bale-a’sittin’/Jesus fire-spittin’ dipshit scare-tactics fuck-faces.

    Having been on the 88.9fm frequency a number of times when going through the Sepulveda Pass, I have, on many occasions, been subjected to going from listening to bands that atually make music that matter, to the high and oppressive tones of some 57 year old overwrought Jesus freak shitbag who has never known the touch of a woman, trying to pollute a frequency to which they have no legal right (88.9fm) with their twee rantings about how fucking great Jesus was, before they direct their board ops to play some shit Christian rock (to appease the idiot kids); before returning to some hard-edged sermon which has nothing to do with shit, unless you are over 80 years old, and never had an orgasm…..

    Chris, I hope you know I was not picking on you (or anyone else) for listening to 103.1fm when you felt you had no option– especially when kxlu was ripped from your car stereos between here and the Valley.

    I was just ripping on Clear Channel, is all– and those who are now surprised that such a corporate entity would dare do what they are now. If 103.1fm plays enough of what you consider good music to get you from here to wherever; I say, go for it– and ride it out as long as it can possibly last.

    But, in regard to KXLU’s difficulties through Sepulveda pass, lay it all on the illegal works, functions and manipulations of a station called KTLW, located in the Valley.

    Those Jesus-shit pricks have taken it upon themselves to usurp KXLU’s rightful ownership of the 88.9fm band frequency to pump out their own brand of narrow-minded religious shit– all the while stalling off KXLU through a series of technicality-based court/legal bullshit paper storms.


    In the name of Jesus.

    To hear Christians tell the story, Jesus was the ultimate teller of truth; and now, he is bandied about as a Pez-dispenser face stadium mascot designed to hide the lies and illegal maneuverings of a radio station known as KTLW.

    Those working for KTLW feel it is okay to just up and steal (isn’t that a beaking of on of the Ten Commandments?)the radio signal of another entity (KXLU, 88.9fm; kxlu.com); and yet they are seemingly willing to let go another more well-known pecadillo of Christian/Catholic churches:

    You know, old pervy priests buggering young boys in rectories from here to there, and everywhere? Not only do these dangerous types feel it okay to turn their backs on such horrors inflicted upon children (after all; what kid DOESN’T like a half-limp 56 year old dick up his ass?– at least according to the book of Deuteronmy?); they figure if they can get away with that, ten who the fuck will care if their associates steal illegally some airwaves in order to bitch about the fucking lord?



    To Chris (thanks for the great letter, by the way) and anyone else who reads this, my message is this: As much as I hate Indie 103.1fm, I cannot blame you for having to listen to them– especially if your reason is that KXLU eats donkey dick once you cross over into the Valley.

    Yeah, Clear Channel and it’s holding may be one kind of target; but, if you at all love KXLU and are tuired of losing the signal in your cars once you hit the top of the hill; perhaps at least a few of you might look into what it is a station called KTLW is doing– and, also, just listen long enough to hear their oppressive and divisive message sent along ill-gotten frequencies (STOLEN!) in the name of a lord they’ve perverted for their own political means…

    When YOU (regular citizen folks) steal, Jesus says it’s bad; but, JESUS’ buddies can steal all the radio signals they want– as they are trying to save your souls!

    And, when YOU sexually hurt and humiliate young children, it is also bad– unless you are officially connected to a religion thatmakes it’s own rules– you know; those along the lines of how it is okay to steal radio frequencies in order to browbeat people into believing bullshit, etc.

    Speaking merely as a private citizen here; but, my guess is that KTLW would better be able to reconcile your “problem” of continuing to need to ass-rape 11 year olds named Billy then if you were a Jew, or happened to be another radio station from whom KTLW was stealing (in the name of Jeeee-sus!) a signal…..

    On a national level, Clear channel is a fucking problem; but, to those of you whom like actual real idependent radio, Clear Channel is far less a problem than Jesus-wheezing shits and those who run KTLW– and it is toward them you should direct you venom….

    Merely a private citizen,
    chris checkman

  5. To All (except kid-rapin’ Jesus freaks, and those who steal radio frequencies…),
    Sorry for the avalanche of typos in the above post; but I just get so damn wound up….

    Hope the grade school spelling fiascos didn’t detract too much from what I was trying to say; whether you agree, or are wrong….


  6. Michael,

    Your viewers, simpletons that they are, stayed quiet when we implemented a playlist over your flawed DJ’s non-profitable personal choice of songs; they stayed quiet when we started playing commercials for interminable lengths of time; they even stayed quiet when the “Independent” reputation of the station was shown to be a misnomer with “Clear” (heh) corporate ties. Indie103.1 was never truly independent, just a marketing ploy, hehe, they had no clue.

    Now, I can discern why you would think that would give you carte blanche to allow our behind the scenes machinations to be publicly visible and expect no backlash, but, it’s obvious you miscalculated. Well, no matter, the grousing listeners will soon go away (when they’re tired of whining and complaining) and we’ll be left with what we, ultimately, wanted in the first place.

    The shining white lie of The American Dream has once again, been shown for what it is. I would have been a bit more discreet, but oh well, what can you do? The few listeners who are under the mistaken impression that they think, will leave. Noisily, but they’ll go and the free publicity will do us wonders! Idiots.

    Congratulations Michael, now that you have loudly and publicly renounced integrity and personal choice, you have truly become a corporate cog (as if you weren’t already). Just the same, welcome to the next level of the machine! A hefty bonus will follow, and maybe a transfer to, I don’t know, it appears that you truly enjoy warm weather….

    Your Chairman,


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