we like the cars. the cars that go boom.

Well, this is fantastic.

Via Associated Press, I just learned

Explosives experts defused a homemade bomb found in the backseat of a car early Friday after the driver was stopped for speeding in this eastern Los Angeles suburb, authorities said.

The bomb was defused safely, but several industrial businesses in the area were evacuated and a main boulevard was closed for more than three hours.

I think the responsible thing to do here is speculate that the apparent car bomb may or may not be related to the escape of four “extremely dangerous” inmates from the Juvenile Detention Facility in Sylmar earlier this week, and there may or may not be a deadly terrorist plot about to unfold in Los Angeles.

I haven’t found any further details from any local sources, but I suppose it’s appropriate to encourage everyone to panic as possible remain vigilant, but don’t change your shopping or travel plans. Keep an especially close eye on any friends or neighbors who are suspected Democrats.

On a related note: I’d like to submit this entry as an audition to be a local news reporter. I f KTLA is reading, I already have a blog and a caps lock key. Just saying. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “we like the cars. the cars that go boom.”

  1. And I was just at the El Monte Home Depot yesterday, too (gotta support those small local businesses, you know).

    Even though it was the wrong day and even though it wasn’t *South* El Monte, you know, I coulda been killed. Or held hostage. Or something.

    I think it’s high time we crack out the Hummer fleet, grab our hunting rifles, and rid Los Angeles of all ethnic minorities, leftist hippie types, anti-war traitors, and anyone who frowns and averts their eyes when a Yukon or Suburban in front of them in traffic has a “Bush/Cheney 2004” bumper sticker.

    And while we’re at it, let’s round up all the wildlife and kick them out as well. And flowers. Unless those flowers are dripping with synthetic pesticides which kill all the local pollinators. Then they’re okay.


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