Are you being served?

Could I have a show of hands from bloggers who are currently experiencing issues with their hosts because of nasty spammers?

I know Joz and I are on the outs with our current webhosts because of spam attacks. My ever helpful team that set up my blog (fellow metblogger Travis from Vancouver) has been disabling portions of my site and if this keeps going I’m going to lose the distinction of being called a blog pretty soon (comments are next on the list). Even though my site has been fending of the actual spam from getting onto my site, it means that the creepy buggers have been crawling and probing my system for vulnerabilities and that’s causing server overloads.

Is anyone else having troubles with this stuff? Is it web-wide and where I do I join up to fight these destructive forces?

7 thoughts on “Are you being served?”

  1. I know your pain. I have to go in and manage my comments fields about 10 times a day because of all the spam! Any email address I set up that ends with is instantly full of spam emails.

  2. i am not sure what blogging system you are using, but i have had good luck with MT-Blacklist for Movable Type. I think that there are similar plugins for other systems.

    But yeah, it does suck.

  3. Hex – I’ve instituted the dreaded “captcha” to keep out the comment spammers and a randomized trackback url to keep the trackback spammers at bay … but apparently those tools are resource intensive. I guess my host would rather that I just open up my blog to spam to make their lives easier. (I’m on ExpressionEngine. Joz is on MT.)

  4. I’m not dealing with anything unmanageable, but I have seen a recent increase in spam to my e-mail address, and trackback spam.

    What is the point of trackback spam? Can someone explain that to me? I don’t get what the benefit is to the spammer?

  5. Lizriz – as far as I can tell, the trackback spam is like comment spam. Many of us have trackbacks show up as comments in a full post view, so I think they hope that folks will click through to their site. At the very least they may hope that they get click throughs from the blog owners who check up on their trackbacks.

    I’ve noticed a huge uptick in SPLOGs which are just nonsense blogs with lots of links on them, that link to each other in an infinite loop of garbled nothingness.

  6. Hi Cybele,

    And I thought my Blogger system was just over loaded the past week and a half. We have also experienced a very slow server, if it was running at all, and could not upload photographs for several days.

    Maybe we should start using TypePad?


  7. I had something called “MT Keystrokes” installed, which was infinitely more effective in reducing comment spam than MT Blacklist, which was basically useless to me. I also had trackbacks disabled.

    What neither of these stop is server overloads… or what Cybele said, “crawling and probing my system for vulnerabilities and that’s causing server overloads.”

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