Relics of the Buddha in Pasadena

No joke here – just a recommendation.

I saw a (lame) news broadcast about this last night but still I’m interested.

Many sacred Buddhist relics are on display Saturday and Sunday in Pasadena. Unfortunately, the newscast didn’t think giving the address was important, so all I can tell you is that it’s at a Buddhist temple on the corner of Summit and Washington in Pasadena, and that it’s open from 10 – 5 on Saturday (the 18th) and Sunday.

On display are many cool relics, and there are even monks on hand to “bless” you with them. Yeah, right.

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  1. This temple is actually on Summit a few blocks south of Washington, about halfway between Washington and the 210 Freeway (if you’re coming in on the 210/134 from the west, you’re probably best taking the Fair Oaks Avenue exit and heading north).

    The exact address is:

    Los Angeles Buddhist Vihara
    920 North Summit Ave.
    Pasadena 91103

    It’s open from 10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday, and there is no entrance charge, but you can bet they’d be happy to take donations.

  2. “On display are many cool relics, and there are even monks on hand to “bless” you with them. Yeah, right.”
    One can imagine if such ignorant stuff was written about an event at a Christian church, you’d get about 3000 nasty comments within an hour of posting.

  3. Thank you so much for this info – I had already written my follow-up post before I saw this.

  4. Oh and I put “bless” in quotes because when I saw that in the news story it seemed very un-Buddhist to me, like the news was trying to make Buddhism more palatable to us ignorant Westerners.

    In truth I have great respect (even if my post didn’t sound that way) and apologize for any offense.

  5. Ruth,

    Before you make ignorant and offensive comments about a religion you don’t know anything about, you should do some research. Your flippancy is pretty shocking.

  6. Wow, people! Just what the fuck is going on here? Have we now gone so insane-PC mad that we are no longer able to discern context in the written word, and should just immediately scream “foul!” toss the penalty flag and bust out the buckets o’ tar and feathers before considering the writer/speaker’s history, dark wit, or…


    Good sweet fucking Jesus P. Lennon of Narberth, Pennsylvania! If there is one wrinkle still to be worked out of the internet (aside from kiddie porn, identity theft and thos creeps that keep sending me emails allegedly from the Congo telling me I can make some doug if I just go along with their witless ponzi scheme hoseshit about supposedly dead jillionaire relatives, some of whom were esteemed royalty in god knows wherever, who from beyond the grave want a creep like me to get a bit of their estate; if only I’ll deign to play along and send a few bucks and some personal info…), it is that the majority of people who seemed to be able to sense indignant backhanded black sarcasm from a magazine are now having trouble seeing it on their monitors and laptops!

    Yeah, I have no doubt that part of it has to do with the fact that most people are fucking idiots, miscreants, lowlifes and morons– and if you don’t believe me, just watch the news and see how many deaths and other tragedies happen every year because people simply think their time is too fucking important to take said time to try and understand one another.

    Just grab your gat, and pop a cap. Might over brains wins every time.

    Or does it?

    Given my own difficulties on occasion with people sometimes misinterpreting my words over the past 19 years– to even the point of actual death threats (from my radio shows, not from the internet…), I’ve long since come to the conclusion that we will always live amongst dipshits and idiots who sometimes shoot first (sometimes with mouths, sometimes with printed text, and sometimes with things far darker that leave a more lasting result) and ask questions later.

    By way of full disclosure, I too have shot off my mouth (on my radio shows) and fired off articles (in various publications), text/whatever(to the internet) before my brain got a chance to catch up to my sanctimonious sense of self-righteousness.

    And, I can accept that, at times, I was right in firing off early; just as I can also accept that sometimes, I was fucking wrong:

    Overreacted, was too damn drunk, didn’t take the time to see what said author was all about, or…

    Maybe I just missed it.

    As, obviously, did Oren and Fresh.

    Raphael got it, as he just responded to the meat of her post, redirecting interested parties to the actual right location– while the two newest internet clowns known as Oren and Fresh (keep crumpin’, kee-ids!) seemed to totally ignore the (here comes the big difficult word/concept again, so grab ahold of each other, like you’re in the basement riding out a tornado…)…

    CONTEXT in which the piece was written.

    If this is too big a thing for your both to grasp, think of context as the bread component of a sandwich. Context, my little idiots (if feeling a bit adventurous, you may also assume it to be the tortilla in a burrito of a point of view), is that in which an argument, or point of view, is enveloped!

    You see, Oren and Fresh, not everyone is so pie-eyed that they are willing to spend every moment, walking around to every household to explain the subtext and context of every reference they make; so these people (of which I am one) have to hope that maybe even glue-sniffing PC lunatics will at least attempt to absorb what they say before responding in a hip-shootin’ kneejerk way.

    But, if folks as you still choose to shoot first, and then think about it several years later, it is not our fault:

    It’s not our fault if you are initially unable to recognize the hidden snarky reference. It is not our fault if you choose to plow ahead with your attention-seeking (“hey, maybe some dirtbag chick will think I’m sensitive and love me!”) sicko agenda. It is not our fault if you JUST DON’T FUCKING GET IT, either!

    Go back and read the first two sentences of Ruth’s original post! If her parenthetical comment, only ten words in, did not tip you off as to the slant of her message (ie: the news coverage she saw of this event was condescending and fucked up), maybe you both should be scaled back to dialups, have one hand chopped off (each!), and be forced to study the history of unapologetic subtlety in humor, as she just lured you in and gave it to you in spades….

    Feel like bitching? Feel free to take off on me! I’ve never met Ruth in person, and most likely won’t; but, as a writer (a subject near and dear to me), she has her own voice. Oh, before either of you tries to paint this in some sort of “ooh! you’re trying to cozy up to Ruth to get some internet sex”-type bullshit 4th grade response, know now that I am already with, and have been for years, the girl I hope cries most as I am put in the ground– so take your hand off your dicks, and try another tack, as that one just ain’t gonna work, lil’ folks….

    Ruth writes from the heart. I have been on the internet since October of ’98; and I have ‘met’ a lot of posters and other people– and Ruth is the first one I would ever actually call a real friend– simply because she GETS IT.

    If either of you wants to talk this over further, feel free to email me at [email protected] ; but, reread her post, and it’s follow up before you do.

    I’d love nothing better than to see some understanding-based truce here; but, if not– having been through the shit (a hundred times over) you’re trying to put Ruth through, I’m more than happy to endure your possible fusillade of ignorance…..

    it’s up to you,
    chris checkman (los angeles)

  7. psTO ALL: excuse the typos in the last post…when i get that wound up, all laws of language and spelling get buried under twitchy semi-inebriated fingers….

    I stand by every last butchered word.

  8. Yow.

    Ultimately only I am responsible for my words (and that means all of them).

    No excuses, but I wanted to get the post up quickly, in time to let as many people as possible see it since the exhibit had only two days left, one of them Saturday. Agreed I should have re-read and made it clear that my contempt was for the news coverage, certainly not the Buddhists and/or the relics.

    Lost in the semantics here (I hope not) was my hope that anyone who has any interest in this goes and sees the relics, because this is probably the only chance any of us will get to see such things.

    Sure I could have gone back and edited my original post to make myself look less stupid, but not only is that against the policy, it’s hypocritical and wrong.

    I was careless and hasty, and now I just have to take my lumps. Glad to see not everyone is a reactionary, and that plenty of people didn’t misunderstand me.

  9. Hey Ruth,
    Just read your latest comments; and while I can understand you doing what you felt you needed to do, and support it, it’s needs saying that I just reread your original post, and (to my eyes, anyway), saw absolutely nothing wrong with it!

    Are incidents of misinterpretation/misunderstanding(s) the liability of the author, or the reader?

    If the author (whether or not he/she conveyed their message as clearly as they might’ve in hindsight) was clear in their view and intent in the original writing of their scribble, then the burden of sussing it all out falls clearly upon the reader.

    We (writers/posters/whatever) clearly know who we are, and what we are trying to say; and while it is obvious that some among us are less tethered and considered in their thoughts than others (not all writers are right or good, people…), it should not be a thing that somehow eventully cows us into grinding our words and thoughts into pablum we we hope the expected audience will be able to digest.

    The best example of this is internet. Fifteen years ago, 60-70% of the huckleberries who now freely post would never have taken a pen to paper to write in response to something they read in a magazine; as, probably, the nearest mailbox was a two-mile walk up a dirt road along the crick where they ahd they daddy went a-fishin’, etc.

    Now, the internet is in the vast majority of homes; so, now, even context-ignoring dimwits bereft of an ability to sniff out subtleties in posts/writings can now have their cousin Cooter ‘fahr up the internet’, while slapping a few possum sirloins on the fancy indoor stove, as they just react like dimwits to the few words their little minds can recognize.

    Well, YEE-HAW! Now the mulleted on-site keepers of any trailer-based roving meth lab can bitch about whatever shit they want during commercials of whatever Larry The Cable Guy special is running ad nauseum on Comedy Central.

    Write as you write; and never, ever, apologize to idiots!

    best wishes as always (except to the idiots),

  10. it is located in a bad area…
    alot of crime / gang activity.
    if you must attend roll strapped…

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