Jack Bauer Is Back In Town!


I’m admittedly a diehard fan of Fox‘s show 24, which besides making news for the number of deaths this season, has its headquarters in the San Fernando Valley (the soundstages from what I understand are located in Woodland Hills). This would explain why I’ve recognized several Valley locations on the show (including the Northridge Fashion Center), and thanks to the the previously-mentioned JackTracker, they’ve become rather easy to pinpoint.

Updating a previous post when Fox filmed an episode of the series last season at the nearby Metrolink station in Chatsworth, I came home from work last night to discover that Fox will again be in the neighborhood filming scenes tonight from 7:00 PM-3:00 AM for an upcoming episode at a nearby cul-de-sac… and there will be gunfire, sparks, and an explosion. Awesome!

Exterior dialogue. Drive-up and away, intermittent traffic control, intermittent pedestrian control, simulated explosion of tank set up in the middle of the cul-de-sac, 1/4 load automatic gunfire, sparks on ground.

More, including scans of the posted notice, after the jump.


The fascinating part about the notice this time around is the fact that FilmLA added a survey to the usual notice fo rthe purposes of “…evaluating neighborhood concerns regarding the proposed filming activities.”

3 thoughts on “Jack Bauer Is Back In Town!”

  1. I about 99.999% ignorant about the vast conurbation centered on Los Angeles which is one reason why I love to read this internet place.

    Yes, my Uncle Leslie sent me a post card of Holly and Vine with a redbrick store with blue and white Rexall signs all round the corner, and the Capitol records rotunda in the background, in about 1954 on his way back to Sydney on an ocean liner (he had come via Suez), and I checked the location on Google Earth the other day.

    And, yes, I have always liked to go to “the pictures” as much as anyone so I picked up some vague perceptions from reading about the industry.

    (I saw Goodnight and Good Luck at the Lighthouse, Poole last evening. Jolly good. I dislike disingenuous, tendentious, propagandistic Marxist Fascists as much as any sensible floating voter, and I hated Radio Moscow blasting away on short wave all those years with their silly nonsense, but Joe Mac was as loathsome as Joe Stalin, so good show Ed and Fred, of whom we saw or heard very little in BBC-run broadcasting in the UK of those by-gone years. -It is great to have CNN and Fox News 24/7 off direct to home sateliite now.

    And, yes, my mate Roderick ex-Plymouth now lives in your amazing city, as has for many years the little kid I played with in 1943 shoving Dinky Toy cars around his carpet in York. And, yes, my little sister RV-ed through your place from BC a couple of decades ago.

    And, yes, I loved the story about the guy living under the L of the HOLLYWOOD(LAND) sign writing the song Nature Boy and taking it to Nat King Cole; I heard Bobby Darin’s version a lot on the Tannoy, during the night shift, weighing trays of wrapped hazelnut caramellos in U-Block-Bottom at Cadbury’s Bourneville in 1961 and love the song …but none of this really satisfies. I must save up and come over and be an illegal on your streets one day as my final venture. To heck with Naples. Do they lock the dumpsters or can a rubby-dubby guy get a good meal in LA?

    What I am writing here about is simply to express amazement, if I may, at “…evaluating neighborhood concerns regarding the proposed filming activities.” and the sudden idea that you guys have, or might have, environmentalist-killjoy type protesters getting it into their tiresome heads to force the film/TV industry to commit suicide in the very place where planet Earth still most looks to when filming is mentioned. Say it will not be so.

    (I am a beginner at this blogging thing. Am I out of line with this long piece, or am I butting in? We seem not to have Poole Bay city on the list, and megalopoli such as LA have so much more to talk about. You guys must be spinning inside all the time just trying hard to be cool about living there.)


  2. I thought the sound stages were in woodland hills on Canoga behind the Frys. I know I recognised the buildngs there in the season 2 behind the scenes DVD

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