Globetrotting with Metroblogging

mumbai.jpgCall this a vanity piece if you must, but one of the coolest parts of being able to write for is knowing that I’m part of worldwide network of bloggers known as Metroblogging. Every few days I try to take a look at some of the other Metroblogging sites to see whats going on outside of L.A. and outside of the mainstream media. From a ban on blogging in Pakistan to a new year in India, theres some crazy and interesting stuff happening around the world.

I encourage everyone to click on the “Metroblogging Cities” link in the sidebar to surf the world. In the meantime, here’s a quick roundup of some recent postings outside of Los Angeles…

Nabeel in Karachi describes witnessing two cel phone snatchings in one night, while on the other side of Pakistan “balloon purple to the 1” in Lahore mentions that there is a ban against Blogger/BlogSpot blogs throughout the country, and efforts to reverse this…

New Orleans reports on the post Katrina upsurge of migrant workers and, um, gigolos

The Turks in Istanbul look forward to a full solar eclipse on March 29th…

Squirt in Melbourne questions how offensive the phrase “Welcome to bloody Australia” really is…

Our neighbors behind the Orange curtain remind that Disneyland is their turf, not ours

Finally, Pragni wishes her fellow residents in Mumbai, India a Happy Holi Day. From Wiki, Holi is a two day celebration of the Hindu new year also known as the Festival of Color. “On the second day, known as Dhulandi, people go around until afternoon throwing coloured powder and water at each other, although the powder stings the eyes. A special drink called ‘thandai’ or bhang is also consumed sometimes, which actually contains small amounts of marijuana.”


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  1. I use the MetBlogs to keep tabs on what’s happening back on my old stomping grounds of Seattle and Vancouver (actually, I got a friend to contribute to Vancouver), and to get a sense of what’s happening in London and Paris for when I go there later this spring. It is a really neat feeling to be part of this network.

  2. I kept up with the news on Katrina and the aftermath through metblogs New Orleans. It was fascinating getting that truly first-person perspective on the disaster.

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