The New Downtown LA VW

vw waiting roomI guess it’s technically the VW/Audi but whatever. After a year of construction the car dealers and service peeps are out of their mobile trailers and into a brand new uber complex. They finished just in time for my 25K mile service as I’d requested. I knew this was going to take about an hour so I figured I’d just bring my laptop and hang out there. I figured it’s a huge new building and I should be able to get a connection no problem. Upon dropping off my car I was invited to check out their new waiting room, for my waiting enjoyment. The “Quattro Cafe” as it were…

Things they had:
-Comfortable seating
-Freshly brewed coffee
-A selection of magazines from January 2006
-An unpacked TV set
-A phone
-35 boxes of powdered creamer

Things they didn’t have:
-Wi Fi

Oh well, at least there’s a great article in this Newsweek about what some dude speculates might happen at the Winter Olympics.

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