Not a Hallmark Holiday

So you might remember that for Valentines day I delivered flowers all over Hollywood and Los Feliz. Moki dog and I delivered red roses and chocolate goodness to lucky recipients. I myself didn’t get any flowers because the boyf was off shooting heavy artillery. But that’s ok, cause it’s payback time.

In addition to being Pi day, where geeks everywhere celebrate the number they love, but it’s also (I almost forgot) Steak and BJ day. What’s that? Well, I won’t explain it here, go to the site and learn for yourself. I know almost every guy enjoys a juicy steak. I even know vegans and vegetarians that have been known to have a steak once in a while. (My high school best friend sneaked some filet mignon at a churrasco in Rio and my X broke his veganism with a corn fed t-bone.) Cindy’s recent post ties up this trend.

But I think I’m going to be making salad for dinner tonight, since I didn’t get any roses on the V-day. I have been called passive aggressive before. It doesn’t mean I love him any less. I like a juicy corn-fed Iowa steak just as much as he does any day.

* Thanks to my gigfriends for the reminder!

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