Treasure Hunt Postponed

Word’s just in from the event’s organizer that the much-anticipated L.A. Treasure Hunt — something akin to an Amazing Race on bikes — has been postponed from tomorrow to April 2 “due to weather conditions.”

From the email sent out:

“There is a thunderstorm coming in tonight and chances of heavy rain tomorrow are high, or so numerous weather reports have said. It would be selfish of me to play it by ear and wait till the last minute to cancel the event being that people from all over southern California and as far San Diego are coming to participate in the treasure hunt. I would feel terrible for them to come out here and it be cancelled. I apologize to everyone that was looking forward to the hunt tomorrow but I feel this is the best decision cause its going to be fucking freezing all day and the chances of rain are extremely high. This is for the best.”

While I can appreciate the reasons behind the decision, I’m curious as to what weather source he’s heeding as shows the 90026 as being partly cloudy and 56 degrees tomorrow with a 20% chance of rain.