Things I Love About L.A.: Music, Art, Anarchy

There’s a few things going on this week I just have to share with all you fine people out there. Most important though is a correction to the post from last week about the upcoming HAMMERBASH. That is the 12th, not the 5th. However, I’m posting this today so I can let you all know about the Matthew Sweet/Susanna Hoffs/AM show tomorrow night at Hotel Cafe. Go see AM at least. He says that if you’re pre-buying tickets, he’ll be on at 10, and it should be a fantastic show, and if I wasn’t going to be celebrating my kickball team’s undefeated streak (fingers crossed) at Brennan’s, I’d totally be there. Tickets will go fast & the show will sell out, so today may be a good time to call the box office.

Thursday, I’m definitely going to Hollywood though. I’m actually setting foot on the Strip! As soon as I finish planning the Sunday even with CODEPINK, I’m going to swap out my pink for shredded black, and go see the Birthday Massacre show on Thursday evening at the Roxy. That would be one of my current favorite goth bands, by the way, which I can only describe as having a really 1990s feel to them. Y’know, like the sort of thing I would have listened to while reading Sandman comics and waiting to see The Crow for the second time. Of course, they’re Canadian, but I try to overlook that.

Friday, of course, there is the HAMMERBASH, which I may well go to on my way to RIDAZZ! Yes, it’s THAT TIME again! The theme this month is SAFETY RIDE (da da DAH DAH da da da DAH DAH!), so you can dance if you want to, but only if you can do it without falling off your bike, and only if you’re wearing a helmet. Will, eecue, I’ll see you guys there, right?