My Kingdom for a Handyman!

I know that this is downright bald self interest, but does anyone have a good handyman/carpenter that they can recommend? I was referred to J&J Trading Post, which is a full service hardware store on Glendale and Temple, but their handyman’s quote for putting in a couple of wood floor thresholds and fixing a closet ceiling seemed pretty high. I’d like to compare oranges, and given the somewhat unreliable nature of contractor types I’d prefer a personal recommendation. And the first person that tells me how easy it is and that I should just do it myself gets my virtual foot in their virtual ass.

On the flip side, if you’re near 213 and you’d like to support a locally owned business instead of the hardware death star known as Home Depot, the people at J&J were really nice. They’re at 354 N. Glendale in a bright yellow building. Phone is 213.250.9961.

6 thoughts on “My Kingdom for a Handyman!”

  1. Oh man! I need a handyman too! Someone to replace my basement door for me and maybe install a new medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

  2. Oh wow, I have the best guy ever for you. E-mail me privately at michele(at)laalternative(daht)com and I’ll hook you up. He’s a friend of mine, but I admired his carpentry and contracting skills long before I knew him personally. He’s also funny as hell.

  3. I love J&J! I live a couple blocks away, and walk down all the time when I get the sudden urge to buy a sledgehammer or some screws. I did get some screens made there for a good price and one of them was completely the wrong size, but they fixed it in no time.

  4. We have a gardener that works our block and is pretty much there everyday taking care of something for somebody. I used him for a while but he tried to scam me and overcharge me on my fence repair so I got someone else. But man, I’d love to have a guy on the block or in the area who I could just call when I needed something done. Although Will has proven to be a VERY good handyman, I can’t expect him to do everything. Would love to have a good cleaning lady from the neighborhood too.

  5. handyman lou here…with 30 years experience in everything handy…usually i’m booked 2 or so weeks in advance, but i’m temporarily out of the handy biz until i fully convalesce…thursday february 23 i was in a head on collision with an 87 year old man that didn’t see me on my motorcycle…
    i was looking far ahead and surmised in an instant that if i swerved around him i would have faired far less well and probably died under the wheels of the surrounding adjacent traffic…i (obviously) survive with a broken left humorus (bicep bone), hairline fracture of the left wrist, over extended and sprained right wrist, a deep gash in my right shin, and multiple bruises and pain (oh the pain…) just about everywhere, and i mean everywhere…
    long story short i will be recovering and healing therpitizing (sp?) for the next 8 to 10 weeks…
    so please, all of you out there in cyber handy needs land, if your individual project lists can keep, give me a call @ 323-660-9734 and i’ll give you any input i am able…feel free to call, please!…the majority of convalescence time is shear boredom waiting for the bones to heal…and to be totally honest, since i don’t have my own workman’s comp, i’ll be needing every job possible when i start working again…
    many thanks in advance,

  6. Thanks for the heads up, Lou. If my projects aren’t taken care of in the next few months I’ll give you a call. Best of luck with your convalescence in the mean time.

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