“Los Angeles De-Mythified”

tardis.jpgIn just a few short days time travelling bloggers Kim Cooper and Nathan Marsak will leave 1947 after a year of service and recalibrate their TARDIS to another era of L.A.’s yesteryear. Ms. Cooper is keeping their destination a secret, but offers a few hints as to what era in LA’s historic underbelly they’ll be visiting next:

The new year that we’ll be mining for stories is one that shows a very different city than the noirish 1947 we were familiar with from films and books, and that we’ve come to know better through reading the papers this past year. We are moving further into the past, and are excited about exploring a time in Los Angeles that feels very fresh and surprising, even to us three local history hounds. Hence the new slogan, “Los Angeles de-mythified.”

To keep things consistent, fans of the crime historians can keep checking into their new domain at 1947project.com, where “crimes can be cross-referenced by type and neighborhood and tagged.” (Their Blogger site will remain up as an archive of their banner year). For the uninitiated, the 1947 Project has been a “this day in history” type blog chronicling crimes and other gritty events from 1947 as culled from vintage newspaper clippings. Kim Cooper writes most of the text, while Nathan Marsak adds photos of the locations as they appear today. For the new year there will also be another writer added to the team:

Longtime commenter Larry Harnisch will be joining Nathan and I as an official 1947project blogger. The old format of Kim sharing crimes and Nathan covering the crime scene will be shaken up a bit, but we do expect to have more stories, more often. Larry’s a terrific writer and researcher, and I’m thrilled to have him join us on the main page.

(photo from Wikipedia)