B-list means first class on Alaska airlines

There’s nothing like seeing some mid-level celebs while flying to L.A. from Hollywood North, which is what us Vancouverites like to call our fair city when discussing our film industry. Upon stepping into the Alaska airlines flight from Vancouver [mbv] to L.A. I was surprised to see Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy’s younger sister and the girl who slept with Keith on Six Feet Under), leaning over her seat talking loudly about her BlackBerry.

[Insert lewd joke here].

She’s in Vancouver to film an not very promising film called Black Christmas [tvi].

I missed seeing Mickey Rooney, who apparently was also in the good seats on the plane heading from YVR to LAX. Rooney was flying down to L.A. to look confussed by Jon Stewart’s jokes at the Oscars. At least I’m told it was Mickey Rooney, some in the group I’m travelling with hinted that it might have been Mickey Rourke. Goodness knows why anyone would be confussed between the two.

In true star style neither had to wait with the rest of us for our bags to be offloaded, instead limo drivers picked their bags up for them.

Edit: Changed Andy Rooney to Mickey Rooney to better match up with reality, and to make the post make some sort of sense.

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  1. Um, do you mean Mickey Rooney? Not that they would be confused either, but it would make much more sense to form a joke out of that and Mickey Rourke, wouldn’t it?

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