The Farmer’s Daughter’s Secret


I used to live just behind the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel on Fairfax and watched the makeover it got a few years back. It was interesting seeing how a little paint and new lighting completely turned the place around. I know plenty of people who have stayed there, but I’ve never been any further than the lobby so I had no way of knowing about the “No Tell Room.” Luckily Caroline has the deets:

“But most intriguing of all? A little something called the No Tell Room. For lovers, players or fugitives, this is being billed as the motor lodge’s most special room, a suite tucked discreetly in a corner of the building, and away from the street noises of bustling Fairfax.

From what I’ve read, it sounds like it’s equipped for late-night trysts and/or after-hour parties. There’s a fully stocked wet bar built into the back wall, soft blue-pink mood lighting, a wall-length mural of a wheat field and skyline and, of course, a huge mirror over the king bed. I just wonder why sound-proof walls wasn’t one of the features. “

Half of me thinks that this is totally cool, and the other half is completely creeped out. Hotels are gross enough, I really don’t think I could walk into a room at a hotel with a reputation like this without having a bio hazard suit. Image by brianwallace

5 thoughts on “The Farmer’s Daughter’s Secret”

  1. holy crap. i am half ashamed (and half proud!?) to admit that I booked my mom and grandma in that hotel last summer (apparently not the no tell room)… it’s only a few blocks away from my place.

    I can vouch that while enjoying a few boozy margaritas and some scrabble sessions with the grandma on the patio I saw some very LA, very strange guests partying from room to room.

    As for the new ‘TART’ out front – the kerning on the sign is nonexistant. It looks like “T ART”. Bugs shit out of me. Horrible.

  2. Actually, consumer reviews I’ve read complained about guests being awaken in the middle of the night by strange phone calls, apparently from other guests in the hotel. So with noisy Fairfax and partying patrons, it doesn’t seem like the place to stay for a good night’s rest.

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