Not Quite A Carjacking…

Last night on my way home for a couple errands, I had a near-carjacking-incident (and even that may be an exaggeration).

I’d pulled to a stop at Sunset and Formosa, next to the Seventh Veil gentleman’s club. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that someone was approaching my passenger door and reaching for the handle. I immediately gunned the gas, propelling my car forward, and then almost as quickly slammed on the brakes so I wouldn’t go into the Sunset cross traffic. All I wanted to do was put some space between me and my assailant, and this worked. I then put the gear into reverse and looked over my right shoulder so I could aim the car into the ‘jacker… Fortunately, I saw that it was someone merely stoned beyond belief, who likely didn’t know what they were doing. My doors were locked, so unless they raised their hand to smash a window I wasn’t worried. I shooed the the crazy person off by waving hand a hand yelling for them to back off. They complied. Not quite a carjacking, but creepy nonetheless.

I shared the tale with a neighbor when I arrived home, and they immediately knew who I was talking about. Apparently, this raggedy, thin blonde is a literal crack whore with some aggressive marketing techniques, and does this sort of thing all the time. She’s relatively harmless, but tries to hug complete strangers, and, apparently, get a ride from anyone who happens to pull alongside her. If a lesson is to be learned, unless you’re looking for some action, keep your doors locked, and always stay aware of your surroundings especially when you pull to a stop anywhere in Los Angeles.

2 thoughts on “Not Quite A Carjacking…”

  1. I had that happen once out in Upland a dozen or so years ago. I was driving a convertible and some kind of stoned crack-whore type chick got in my car. It took quite a bit of effort to get her back out.

  2. Yeah the “door opener” as I’ve heard her called… is usually at the “cross roads of insanity”… la brea and sunset.

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