We’re Looking For A Few Good Bikers… Well, Two Actually

bike.jpgIf Sean Carlson’s L.A. Treasure Hunt has somehow managed to avoid your radar then allow me to sum up the March 12 event: It’s like a day-long version of The Amazing Race on bikes in and around Los Angeles, it’s gonna be a blast, and several of your two-wheeling friends here at Blogging.la are damn well going to do this thing.

As it stands, myself and fellow B.la contributors Eecue and Benhigh are committed and ready to roll and rock as Team Blogging.la (except we’re calling our collective Nobody Bikes In L.A.). I’m even working on semi-lame t-shirts for us. But since teams for the hunt need to be made up of four or five cyclists, do one or two of you want to come out and play with us? What say you?!

Well then, check out the details on the L.A. Treasure Hunt website. If it sounds to be even half the blast we expect it to be then post a comment with the email address you can be reached at. First come, first tapped. There’s a total cash outlay of $11 per person and you need to have a backpack and a working bike and a willingness to have a kick-ass good time participating in a unique event whose proceeds will benefit downtown’s Union Rescue Mission.

4 thoughts on “We’re Looking For A Few Good Bikers… Well, Two Actually”

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. If you’ll take former Bla writers, I would love to be on the team.


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