Some people just don’t appreciate a good documentary.

The thing about Netflix is that not only is it totally awesome (I use it instead of television), but those red envelopes are like a beacon to anyone around, they scream “HEY! Lookit me! I’ve get DVDs in the mail, like, ALL THE TIME!” A friend of mine in Echo Park has been having some theft issues as of late. He’s been pretty annoyed by it but ultimately amused as he keeps telling me that they’re all “movies that ‘normal people’ wouldn’t want to watch.” Well, whoever was poaching his movies has apparently wised up. My friend found this in his mailbox yesterday:


Now the Mysterious Netflix-Stealer Who Steals at Midnight has decided to start previewing the movies to see if they were movies “normal people” would want to watch. He clearly didn’t want to watch the Frontline documentary ‘Ghosts of Rwanda.’ Some people just don’t care about learning. Has anyone else had any trouble with Netflix discs, or anything else for that matter, disappearing from their mailboxes?

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  1. My netflix films disappear on their way back to Netflix. Too bad for them I also watch films normal people don’t like.

    I also just read an article about arrests made in New York involving Netflix thefts. A couple post office employees were stealing the dvds.

  2. I believe his proper name is The Evil Netflix stealer what steals at midnight, but my memory for random pop culture has been a little iffy lately

  3. I’ve been a Netflixer for going on four years now and I’ve had a handful of films either not show up or not get back home. Never have I had shit like that happen where there’s obvious peeping.

    Your friend may be amused by it but if I were that person I’d chuckle all the way to the Postal Inspectors office and report the crime. Chances are they could get prints from that envelope and get on their way to locating the perp.

  4. I’ve only had a couple disappear and they usually pop up the day after I report them missing. But then our netflix membership has been coincident with our living in apartment complexes with locked mailboxes. No Evil Netflix Thieves getting at our stuff.

  5. Can your friend lock his mailbox somehow or send mail from one of those blue mailboxes on a streetcorner? If someone was opening my Netflix, I would be worried about what else he or she was looking at.

  6. I’m kinda confused. Is someone breaking into her mail box or is someone tearing apart the evenelopes before they arrive? Maybe it’s the post man!

    They should capture the idiots. Isn’t there some law about opening mail that doesn’t belong to you?

  7. I don’t know whether I should blame my lost netflixs on thievery or just an incompetent mail person. The mail person who delivers mail to my apartment mindlessly places mail in any box. Sometimes I get the mail for apartment 3 or 4, even 1(by the way, I live in apartment 6). Since it is a small building with only 8 units, everyone knows each other. So it is not a huge problem it you get someone else’s mail, you do the neighborly thing and give it them. Then suddenly I stoped receiving my netflixs. I asked my neighbors about it and no one would admit to having them. This went on for a month or so. Now, I get the netflixs sent to my job. I do think it is horrible that someone you speak to on a daily bases, maybe water their plants when they are out of town, let them borrow a tool…whatever, would steal your netflixs.

  8. Alls I knows is… I mailed two NETFLIX at 6:20 am at the Post Office and 32 hours later I had fresh films in my home mailbox. I love Netflix almost as much as I love my TiVo

  9. My fav is the person who stole some of my Netflix rentals but had the courtesy to return them to Netflix.

  10. I occasionally have DVDs go missing when I try to return them, so I have a half dozen “lost” DVD reports in with them… although one DVD was reported as returned almost a year later.
    I’m suspicious that this may be one way they “throttle”. But since the same thing happens to people where I live, I think it may be the post office…

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