Heard Enough About Last Month’s Ride Yet?

Cycle Santa Monica has posted a video of last month’s Midnite Ridazz ride. Y’know, the one that some of us have refused to shut up about since BECAUSE IT WAS SO AWESOME? Yeah. That ride.

Incidentally, tomorrow is Santa Monica Critical Mass. Meet at the pier between 6:30 and 7. Ride goes around Santa Monica and doubles back to pick up stragglers before going south to Venice. And I’m going to try to swing by the HAMMER BASH afterwards. This is the party at the Hammer which will give everyone a last chance to see the Masters of American Comics exhibit before it closes. The party is free, so it saves you the admission dollars you usually have to pay, provided that is the only exhibit you wanted to see (the rest of the museum is usually closed). Just be prepared to have to get through a lot of people who will be between you and the art.