Tyra As A Stripper…

2006_03_01_tyra_banks.jpg(Photo courtesy of The Tyra Banks Show).

Leave it to Victoria’s Secret supermodel Tyra Banks, whose TV talk show tapes locally at CBS Television City next to The Grove and Farmers Market, to do some hard-hitting undercover work for us common folk.

Last November, she did a show about obese women. Today’s show features her going undercover as… a stripper:

In the ongoing “Undercover Series,” Tyra transforms into a stripper for a night to find out why men go to strip clubs, what they do there and if their wives and girlfriends know they’re there. Plus, she interviews a couple whose relationship was destroyed by his addiction to strip clubs. And, Tyra talks to girls who have been dancing for years about what they’re thinking while they’re dancing for men, if they ever get turned on and if they have any desire to get out of the business!

Honestly, is it that difficult to figure out? Newsflash: Men are pigs.

This being a sweeps month, I can’t say I’m surprised that Banks went for the titilation factor in playing up the fantasy of seeing her as a stripper.

UPDATE: The strip club in question was Pleasures Gentlemen’s Club.

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BTW, I just happened to catch her appearance on Good Morning America this morning, and Banks told Diane Sawyer that she while she danced onstage around a pole while undercover, she didn’t remove any of her clothes. WTF?

She also mentioned that some men have a spending habit at strip clubs of $15,000.00 *a month*. That sounds ridiculous, but then again, considering how other men have racked up enormous charges ($2500 in one night, $175,000 in three years, and $241,000 in one night), I suppose it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

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