They’re ok.

The two teenaged girls who both disappeared from the same apartment complex have made contact. One of the girls called home last night, saying that the two wanted to be picked up from a home in Carson.

According to the write-up in the LA Daily News, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Detective J.T. Manwell stated, “From what we’ve learned thus far, they ran away voluntarily and befriended some people.”

There was no indication of drug use or foul play, but the case has been transferred to the department’s Special Victims Unit.

Glad to hear the girls are safe, but I’m interested in knowing what really happened. And if MySpace was really involved in any of this.

(If you missed the “Special NBC MySpace Investigation” a short transcript is available online.)

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  1. I’m just here to set the record straight and say that MySpace was indeed involved. We booked them a limo, gave them some spending money, and arranged sleeping arrangements. For future reference, any and all missing teenager cases has something to do with MySpace.

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