That Ferrari Enzo Story (Update!)…

February 28, 2006 at 4:28 pm in Driving


(Photo courtesy of EuroGamer.)

Remember the Ferrari Enzo that crashed last Monday? There’s an update to the story (via LA Observed):

The case of the Malibu Ferrari crash gets stranger. There may be a gun involved, the car may have been illegal, and the top of the Times story makes it sound like authorities now believe there really was a second person in the car when it crashed. But there’s no support for that claim in the rest of the story, just the skepticism from last week.

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But did you know that the owner, Stefan Eriksson, has two Enzos (via Joystiq)?

On top of that, the wrecked Enzo may not have belonged to him and it probably wasn’t registered here in California (via Joystiq/Wrecked Exotics):

It appears Mr Eriksson may have destroyed a car which didn’t belong to him. Police said the car was the property of the Bank of Scotland and was in the process of being repossessed at the time of the crash. The word on the street is the Ferrari was obtained through fraudulent financing along with a Mercedes SLR. When the bank found out, Eriksson simply shipped the Ferrari to the United State. The car had a European registration and nothing had been done to make it street legal in California.

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