BarCamp is this weekend


Wow – less than a week away already! All the details on Bar Camp Los Angeles can be found on the site including a long list of people who will be presenting on something, and and an even longer list of people who will be coming but haven’t yet figured out what they will be talking about (myself included). From the looks of it so far it’s going to be quite an event. Hope to see you there!

BarCamp takes place the evening of *Saturday, March 4th, 2006*, and 10a-5p or so on *Sunday, March 5th, 2006* @ Little Radio Warhouse, 1218 Long Beach Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021

5 thoughts on “BarCamp is this weekend”

  1. You are in fact wrong.

    I’m not a software expert in anyway, and in fact “show and tell” is quite the opposite idea. It’s for anyone involved in any level or even interested in any of the topics that are being discussed. It’s more like a giant brainstorm for people to talk about projects and how they can work together on them.

  2. Damn. I thought I’d be able to through at least one day without being wrong.

    Reason I thought “show and tell” might be a good summary is that from the desciption it says that if you attend, you must also present… or is merely by interacting with presenters enough to qualify one as a participant?

    It definitely sounds cool, with a literal whos who of the blogging and web worlds in attendance… I imagine years from now people will talk about BarCamp as if they’d been hanging in a dorm room with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates…

  3. Yes definitely, just being a part of the conversation is being involved. What we don’t want is people who sit in the corner and don’t talk to anyone. Should be fun!

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