Diamond Dave or El Douchemaster?

February 18, 2006 at 2:37 am in Rants

10425570.jpgWhat’s up with both of Howard Stern’s replacements on FM being the two worst talk radio hosts ever? I’m not sure who I’d rather get stuck listening to. The east coast gets one of my favorite rock stars ever, David Lee Roth. While the west coast gets the world’s luckiest frat guy, Adam Carolla. I guess DLR wins this special Olympics cuz at least he was in Van Halen, knows how to rock and didn’t get replaced by the biggest douche bag walking the earth, Steve-O (yeah, Steve-O is on Love Line now). But that ain’t saying much, cuz as much as I think the dude was rad on stage doing head-high jump kicks, he sucks shit on the radio (although his interview with Kevin Federline is kind of amazing, but then again how couldn’t it be). You know I’m gonna be front and center when Halen (with Diamond Dave) play Los Angeles. Either way, this rain blows.

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