It was bound to happen, now what do I do?


Well, it was bound to happen and now it looks like it finally is. H&M is coming to the West Coast. Curbed LA reports:

Well, I decided to do my own hunting regarding the H&M store. From the City of Pasadena Economic Development Department:

“Mr. (name removed) – yes, H&M is opening a new store in Old Pasadena. This will be only one of three stores on the west coast. The store will be located between Tiffany & Co and Abercrombie, just west of Delacy on the south side of the street. I am not sure what the timing is but they are currently under construction.

This is awesome because H&M has cheap clothes that are stylin’ (also pants that fit me AND make my ass look hot. This is sometimes hard to pull off on a man as. . .uh. . .trim as I am.) Sure, all of the shirts I’ve ever bought from them are a wrinkled mess from the moment I first wear them and they tend to fall apart in an alarmingly fast way, BUT THEY’RE SO CHEAP! Needless to say with the hot butt pants thing and the hat that I bought for $6 H&M has been a clothing staple for me for a while now. Fortunately though, they haven’t been in LA so when on those (admittedly embarrassing) days when I’m sporting ALL clothes from H&M no one in LA notices. Well, those days are soon to be over and now I need some help. I really haven’t done much clothes shopping in LA in the last two years, all my stylish lady-friends are in New York or Chicago and let’s face it, without them I’m a giant ball of clothing indecision. Now may be the time to set out alone though, so where can I find the hot clothing cheapness? Help me LA!

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  1. One place you could try is Zara. It’s a Spanish company that does H&M style knockoffs. They have a store at the Santa Monica Promenade. This store doesn’t have the, like, abundant-to-overflowing racks or nearly the style selection of H&M, but their staples are scarily cheap.

    I elect not to pay original retail price for my clothes. I tend to clean up at the sale racks in the rear of places like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. I stop into stores I like often to stalk the merchandise, see how it’s selling, talk to the salespeople, anything to find out when stuff’s going on sale.

    I love thrift shops, and supposedly we live in the mecca of them. I actually haven’t been to any since I moved out here though. I should get on that.

    There are also outlets in Camarillo and Ontario.

  2. ohmygod. This is the best news ever. Haha. I always have to make at trip to H&M whenever i’m on the east coast (at least a couple times a year)..this is fantastic! :)

  3. Dude I fucking hate shit like this:

    Unfortunately you’re using a browser that we don’t support.

    With Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher) you get the best experience at To update your browser click on the link below:
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    is that really necessary? I’m using Safari on OS X.

  4. THANK GOD!! I heard they were building one in the Beverly Center (which I dare not go to) I’m thrilled they’ll be opening in Pasadena. Another reason why I love that city :) They also save me from braving the ill fated Beverly Center. God damn I hate that place!

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