Von’s Club

To the young man waiting behind me in the express lane at the Von’s at Sunset and Hillhurst: Thank you. I know I held you up, ruining the concept of “express” checkout. I filled out that Clubcard application as fast as I could. It saved me eight bucks and I really appreciate how patient you were. It’s nice to know there are some kind people out there.

To the drivers between my house and said Von’s: I can’t remember the b.la policy on profanity, so just trust me when I say I’ve got lots for you. Bitches. I just wanted to buy some damn juice without fearing for my life and my car the whole drive there.

To Von’s: What kind of racket are you running? Eight bucks was almost 25% of my grocery total.

3 thoughts on “Von’s Club”

  1. Dear Blogging.la:
    Can we stop with the “Dear X” and “To X” posts already? They’re droll at best.
    Your (almost gone) Reading Public

  2. For that 8 bucks, they get lots of demographic/marketing data about you that they can use/sell elsewhere. If you’re saving 8 bucks, you know they’re making more than that someplace else.

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